bundle of the week!!

I don’t know why, but every time I hear/say that (bundle of the week), I think of Full House’s Danny Tanner as Spatula of the Month! (or Bachelor of the Month, if you’re not little Michelle).


I’m super excited about this, friends. SUPER.

I had totally never even heard of this “hot new trend” of bundling e-books together and selling them as a package at a discounted rate. Then last week I got an e-mail from an online friend who is capitalizing on this trend and offering 5 related e-books every week for just $7.40. Each author gets $1, the affiliate who refers the buyer gets $1, and I’m assuming my friend gets the rest.


She started at the beginning of January and each bundle has sold anywhere from 500 to 22oo copies. Holy cow. Awesomeness!

And next week (the week of 2/4), the bundle-of-the-week topic is MARRIAGE, and The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky is one of the 5 e-books in the bundle. Suh-WEET!

So, that’s perfect, because we’ll be talking about Real. Hard. Love. by that time, because it will be February. (How is it already almost February?!)

This Week’s Topic: MANAGING YOUR HOME. And holy cow, do I need some help with this one. Eek! And if you would happen to pop on over to the Bundle of the Week site and buy the bundle for $7.40, I’d get a dollar of that. Me like.


And if you’re interested in maybe possibly publishing your own e-book someday, what a great place to get some exposure for your book!!

And you can also sign up to be an affiliate! (I think it’s open to anyone–not 100% sure.) How awesome would it be to get $1 each time someone buys an e-book bundle. You don’t even have to write anything!! Score!!

So, hop on over to BundleoftheWeek.com, get 5 e-books that are sure to revolutionize your home management ways (at least that’s what I’m hoping!), and let me thank you in advance for your one dolla donation to the Taviano Cambodia Fund!

Question for You: What kind of BUNDLE would you be most interested in buying?


6 thoughts on “bundle of the week!!

  1. Sharon

    Honestly, I can’t think of a bundle that I’d buy. I prefer free books from the library that I can hold in my hand vs having to read them on my computer. Though I am considering getting a Kindle……

    I’ve seen these bundle offers here and there and I actually think I did buy one, but it was only because there was one ebook that I really wanted to read and it was included.

    P.S. I read Dana’s book (in this bundle) and loved it! And I’m currently reading her other ebook on clutter. Love that one, too!

  2. Bethany

    I would be most interested in this bundle, actually–homemaking. And possibly homeschooling as well. Not sure yet if I will buy it, but thinking about it….

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