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If you must know, I’m not doing so hot. I’ve read all your blog posts, I love what God is teaching you, I’m in awe of how he’s moving, and yet, oddly, I feel pretty miserable. A nice combination of depression, apathy, irritation and stick-a-fork-in-me.  I’m hoping all this means that the enemy is a little skeered that I might start putting some of my blabber into real bonafide action if he doesn’t stage an intervention.

Or it’s just proof of how desperately I’m clinging to my idols no matter how radical I say I want to be.

Anyway. Not to change the subject, but yes, to change the subject.

I’m not sure how much I’ve shared about this before (and I’ll give more details later), but Gabe and I would like to take our entire family on a trip to Cambodia. We want our girls to see with their own eyes how people on the other side of the globe live–the poverty, the kiddos, the hope of Christ in dark places. And we want them to see it sooner rather than later.

This is going to cost a lot of money. And while our first trip to Cambodia was entirely sponsored by a few hundred of our dearest friends, family and even strangers, we feel very strongly that we need to raise this money (at least the majority of it) ourselves. We want to teach our girls sacrifice and hard work, not just relying on the generosity of others. We have $273 right now on our way to $12,000+. And after our Zoo Trip, we believe anything is possible.

We’ve gotten all this $ so far from selling stuff (mostly books–ones I’ve written and ones I own). And after taking quite a few piles to Half Price Books, I realized that some of my books could really benefit some of you, and I could sell them directly to you for a fraction of what you’d pay at HPB. So, I decided to snap a few photos, cut out the middle man, and offer you some books if you’d like.

The first person to contact me about each set (either in the comments or via this contact form) gets to buy the books (U.S. addresses only please). The proceeds will be split 50/50 between our Mission: Cambodia fund and a ministry of your choice. (Well, how about this–anyone who buys books can give me the name of their favorite ministry/missions organization, and I’ll choose a few of them and divvy up the funds.)

Disclaimer: Several of these books have writing in them (mine). I scribbled out anything I didn’t want someone else to read (ahem). And if you live close to me, you can come pick them up and save on shipping.

EDIT (9:04am): Okay, so all 4 sets are gone. Thanks, guys! Just my books are left–scroll to the bottom for info and e-mail me if you’re interested.

Set #1: Marriage books (5 books for $6 + $4 shipping) SOLD!

Set #2: Sex books (4 books for $6 + $4 shipping) SOLD!

Set #3: Parenting books (5 books for $5 + $4 shipping) SOLD!

Set #4 Christian growth books (5 books for $7 + $4 shipping) SOLD!

And since I have a crazy amount of Blushing Bride and Changing Your World books in my closet, how about we get rid of some of those too? Same conditions–50/50 split between Mission: Cambodia and other ministries.

Here’s my story about Diapers (also known as Changing) going out-of-print, and pretty soon I’ll share some cool things God has shown me about all of that.

I can do about 60 of each book at these prices. Special offer good through Saturday, September 18.

5 Diapers books = $8 + $4 shipping

4 Blushing books = $6 + $4 shipping

2 Blushing + 3 Diapers = $7 + $4 shipping

(I could do just one book, but it would cost almost as much to ship it, so it makes more sense to ship several. I can sign books for your friends too if you’d like.)

Let me know what else you want of mine, and we’ll see what we can do! Have a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “books and such

  1. Melanie

    This same issue (taking our family on a mission trip) has been on my heart this summer as well. I want my kids to really understand what they have and how other people live. I want them to have compassion and a deep love for Christ and for people around them. Chris (my hubby) and I talked about it and he agreed. We just have no idea how to get started on something like that. My kids are 6,4 and 2. So maybe still a little young. I don’t know. I was just excited to see that another mom was thinking the same thing. I don’t want to wait until they are teenagers to send them on a church mission trip. I want them to know now and I want them to be with their parents, something we can experience together.

  2. Mrs. M

    I’ve sold some books, too, both at Half-price and at Amazon. Here’s some advice: If you sell through Amazon, it’s a little more hassle, but you get much more money for it. Good luck with your Cambodia mission. I’ll chip in my 2 cents as I am able.

    I really admire what you, Gabe and the girls are doing.

  3. LS


    I would love to grab the 4 blushing books set to give as gifts. . .would you mind signing them too? Perfect opportunity, I was just thinking tonight about how I needed to get a shower gift and nothing like getting to support the Mission:Cambodia at the same time. . .shoot me an email 🙂


  4. Elizabeth

    I have an abundance of your books:) And I’ve already sent some off. I give them as baby and wedding gifts, and last week I sent two to a friend who has a young child and just got married. She was so excited to receive them! She couldn’t decide which to read first and I told her just to jump in with both of them. I know she’ll be blessed.

  5. Louisiana Tara

    Marla, I SO wish you had come to NOLA during your zoo tour! I would have taken you for cafe au lait and beignets!

    I am still trying to get through all the entries. I don’t even know if I’ll be done by next Tuesday! There’s so much good stuff and I don’t want to just “skim.”

  6. Deidre

    Darn! How did I miss you were doing this book (this is probably the wrong post to comment on). I have been waiting to read this .. waiting for the right time. I’m going to start and then stalk all of you 🙂

  7. Krysten

    I would love four of your Blushing books. That book has been so good for me and I’d like to share it with a few of my friends.

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