8 diverse books under $8 for kids 8-12

For the past year or so, I’ve been on a journey to learn from authors of color. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I post about books I’ve read on Instagram at: White Girl Learning.

I’ve been slowly, but surely, compiling a resource list I can share with people, but it’s taking me a looooong time, and I haven’t found a great way to categorize the books. I’m reading books by Latin Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and people from around the world. Fiction, non-fiction, books for kids, teens, adults.

So, in an attempt to not overwhelm you, I’m hoping to share a few, small niche lists. If it interests you, check it out.

I’m super passionate about kids learning about other cultures and experiences while they’re still young. These books are a great start!

8 books under $8 for 8-12 year olds by diverse authors about kids from around the world

Stef Soto Taco Queen ($4.63)

A young immigrant girl resents working at her father’s taco truck and wishes she could just be a “normal” American kid.










The Red Pencil $6.98

War breaks out in a young girl’s peaceful village in Sudan, and she and her family are forced to make a long journey on foot to a refugee camp.










The Turtle of Oman $6.72

A young boy is preparing to leave his home in Oman for his parents’ new jobs in Michigan, and he doesn’t want to leave his friends, his school, or his beloved grandfather.










Seesaw Girl $6.99

An adventure-seeking young girl grows up in 17th century Korea where girls from good families don’t get to leave their house until they get married.










It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel $7.99

A young girl moves from Iran to California in the 1970s and has trouble fitting in, especially as Iran starts making U.S. headlines.










Inside Out and Back Again $7.19

A young girl flees Vietnam in the 1970s with her family and immigrates to Alabama.










Amina’s Voice $7.99

A young Pakistani-American girl struggles with fitting in at school while staying true to her family’s culture.










The Wild Book $7.99

A young girl growing up in Cuba struggles with word blindness, or dyslexia.










You should totally buy one (or more) of these books and support some authors of color. OR get them from your local library (and tell your friends). And if your library doesn’t have it, request that they order it. Libraries do that, you know. Help diversify those shelves!

p.s. Notice most of these books have female protagonists. If you know any good ones about boys, please share!

p.p.s. The prices are as listed on Amazon on 12 September 2018. Subject to change. But be watching! They’ll often dip way down for no apparent reason. I’ve gotten lots of great books for under $5 just by checking often.

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