what's a read-along??

On Friday I announced our next Read-Along selection: The Book of James (yes, the one in the Bible). Lots of you asked me what exactly I meant by a “Read-Along,” so here you go:

1. The Read-Along is virtual. In other words, we’ll be “meeting” and discussing each chapter of James online, not in real life. (But if you and some friends want to get together face-to-face for a little Bible study each week, that would be awesome. And I’d love to hear about it.)

2. We’ll start with Chapter 1 on Wednesday, September 7. And we’ll discuss a chapter a week. Each Wednesday (Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5), I’ll write a post with my thoughts on that week’s chapter.

3. If you’d like to write your own post each week, that would be awesome. I’ll have a fun little place where you can link to your post (and go and read everybody else’s). You do NOT have to have a blog or write your own posts to participate in the discussion. I’ll explain (in detail) how to link your posts. Here’s an example from our first Read-Along.

4. Or you can just answer one or more of my discussion questions (and/or add your own thoughts) in the comments.

5. No less than six people have suggested that some of us try to MEMORIZE the whole book of James. Gulp. I stink, stink, stink at memorizing. Or rather, I stink, stink, stink at discipline. Therefore, I’m tempted to try it (but I’m not committing quite yet).

And there you have it. Any other questions? Let me know! Have a great week!

15 thoughts on “what's a read-along??

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  4. Christine

    Love this! I was in the book of James over the weekend and I knew someone, somewhere was planning a study on it and I was thinking to myself where I’d run across it because I wanted to do it. So how happy I am to read this post today?! Looking forward to it! I’ll have to get myself reading – 9/7 is our first day of school (gulp!)!

  5. Sharon W

    Oh my, memorize it??????? Several years ago I heard a speaker suggest memorizing the Psalm that corresponds with your age. I started with Psalm 27 (my age at the time) and never finished. I just started memorizing Psalm 32 a few weeks ago, but have a ways to go. I am terrible at memorizing things (oh, except for lyrics to songs!!) Guess I’d better finish memorizing my Psalm before Sept 7 so I can focus on memorizing the book of James next!

  6. Karen

    I think I would like to participate. I am a little hesitant only for the fact that I participated in a similar “read a long” a few months ago and wasn’t “feeling” it. I think I now see the difference was most of the women were sharing from their head knowledge versus their heart. It also didn’t seem to lend to different opinions. They were looked at as “arguments”. I enjoy hearing different thoughts and opinions from my own. It challenges me and helps me to dig deeper. I hope this “read a long” will lend itself to that. If so, count me in!

  7. joyce

    Well, isn’t this timely. I have been memorizing the first chapter of James as part of the Living Proof memory challenge this year. My pastors wife memorized the entire book last summer and verses seemed to be ‘following me around’ if you know what I mean, so I felt encouraged to memorize the book too. I’m doing it in smaller chunks because my memory is not what it used to be. The book is chock full of so much…I’ve read and reread it this year several times and it packs a punch : ) I will look forward to joining in the discussion.

  8. Claudia

    So, so, so excited about this read-along!!! Looking forward to God moving in my own life in a new and mighty way!

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