happy pics and a read-along announcement

For those of you joining us for our Book of James Read-Along (We start Wed, Sept 7, and EVERYONE is welcome!!), we’re going to introduce ourselves here on the blog tomorrow.

It’ll be low-key, super-easy, just a quick way to get to know each other a tiny bit before we start reading this really cool book of the Bible together. More details tomorrow.

We spent Saturday at Gabe’s parents’ little cabin on the Miami River. It was delightful and relaxing and all kinds of fun. Don’t hate me, but I love my in-laws.

Aren’t cousins fun?

Gabe, Rock, & Tug lugged these bad boys (the rocks) from the neighbors’ to adorn their cabin.

My girlies showing off their guns with Papaw.

Love these two.

And these two.

Three- (and four-) legged fun with sleeves cut from Papaw’s t-shirts.

See you tomorrow for our Getting to Know You Read-Along post!

6 thoughts on “happy pics and a read-along announcement

  1. Megan Bradford

    The facial expression Nina is making while showing off her muscles is priceless! You should crop her out and frame it, with some tough quote :). Great pictures!!

  2. ali

    I love those pics. I’m contemplating James. Also doing BSF (Acts) and haven’t decided if I can commit to both. Praying.

    And I love cousins. And my in-laws.

  3. kendal

    fun pics! and cousins ARE great. my kids are lucky to have 8 that they see often. and family vacations together are awesome, too. looks like a blast!

    1. Marla Taviano

      We’re going on vacation with my side of the family in May. First time we’ve ever done it all together. (My mom, dad, brother, 2 sisters, everybody’s spouses and kiddos–19 in all). Started praying already for peace and unity and lots of fun. 🙂

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