all aboard the james train!

I’m cracking up at myself right now because I think the title of today’s post is hysterical. It popped into my head on the way to soccer practice tonight and made me giggle. Why? Because I had a friend in high school that we all called Choo. But guess what his real name was? Give up?

James Train!! (hahahahaha!)

It’s okay if you think I’ve gone loopy. There are at least four people in my house right now who would agree with you. I should probably go to bed the second I’m done writing this post. Thanks for praying for me today, by the way! I could totally adopt two little boys right now and be totally cool. (hahahahahahaha!!!! no I couldn’t.)

I’ve got some fun news. I just did a little tally of our James Read-Along Group as it stands so far. And we’ve got:

70 participants. 25 states. 2 foreign lands. 1 lone guy.

Update: 77 participants, 26 states, 2 foreign countries, and TWO guys!

Funny story about that guy. I was in Half Price Books with the girls a couple years ago, selling books to earn money for our next zoo. When I handed the employee my driver’s license, he looked at it, then looked at me all funny. At first I thought I was going to have to explain, “Yes, that’s really me. So what if I’ve sprouted some gray hairs and gained a couple pounds?”

Then he says, “Marla Taviano? My name’s Matt ________ (name that rhymes with Taviano).” I was all, “Oh my word. That’s crazy talk.”

Then a couple weeks later, I was in the library and the girl checking out my books had a name tag that read “M _________ (same name that rhymes with Taviano).” What in the ?!?!

They’re married. And turns out we have mutual friends. And now we’re Facebook friends. And it’s a huge honor to welcome Matt to The Land of Digital Estrogen (thanks for that fun phrase, Danielle!). Any other guys out there that want to help a brother in his time of extreme outnumberedness?!?

There’s still plenty of time to sign up–just pop over to this post and leave a comment. And no, there’s no pressure to make it official. I’ve heard from lots of you who’ve said you can’t commit right now, but you’ll be peeking in from the sidelines. We’ll take it.

I’m really, really excited about this, you guys. I’m asking God for a fresh word for all of us, and I’ll be praying for each of you as we go along. God, move in our hearts, and then help us move our hands and feet!

Have a great weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “all aboard the james train!

  1. Mallory

    One of those foreign countries wouldn’t happen to be Australia, would it? Just asking. I started to go look for myself and then I saw there were 196 comments, and that’s a lot. =)

  2. Danielle

    I am always happy to supply made up words and phrases. I know that’s why you let me hang out. And, BTW, I saw that you put James Train on a comment, and it made me laugh because I got The O’Jays Love Train running in my head but with James instead. Seriously, sing that song, but substitute James for Love, it’s AWESOME! I think I’m in the same dire need of sleep that you are…

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