Exciting News for the Bamboo Libraries!

Oh, gosh. Where to begin?? How about at the END?

As of this week, The Bamboo Libraries are partnering with an amazing organization called Planet Changer.

What does this mean??

It means that 1.) all of your donations to the Bamboo Libraries are now tax-deductible.

And it means that 2.) someone else is doing all of that legwork–not me!

And, most importantly, it means that 3.) We can move forward with more libraries AND other big dreams like English classes, classes for adults, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, bamboo farms…


Our first big project is sponsoring our 10 librarians. You can sponsor a librarian for $25/month or give a one-time donation.

Once we get our librarians taken care of for the foreseeable future, we’ll move on to Bamboo Library NUMBER FIVE

(And we already have a family in the States who wants to take on the whole project themselves–wow!)

And, now, some backstory.

(I’ll make this short.) (ish)

I met a wonderful woman named Corrin online several years ago. Our connection was the fabulous Tara Livesay of Heartline Haiti. Corrin and I chatted off and on, but we really became good friends once we moved to Cambodia.

As it turns out, Corrin is the Director of Operations of this amazing organization called Planet Changer. Planet Changer is awesome, because they’re not about charity; they’re about Community Transformation.

(Us too!!)

They “work personally with impoverished communities, developing long-term solutions to create an environment where families thrive without continued assistance and overcome poverty. They provide the support they need to cultivate lasting change.”

(Yes, please.)

They began in Uganda, but a few years ago, their founder Monty had a vision to take Planet Changer to Cambodia.

Long story short, the idea of partnering with our family in some way has been on Corrin’s mind and heart for quite some time. But she waited patiently (and never mentioned to me this vision of Cambodia) for the right time and opportunity for partnership, should it arise.

Well. You might recall that we worked with an organization here in Cambodia for a few months last year (after raising money for them for several years) that ended badly. And then we helped our church start a community outreach program, and that also ended badly.

And then we started the Bamboo Libraries, a beautiful dream come true.

Yet, there was that nagging fear. THIS COULD ALSO BLOW UP AND BE HORRIBLE AND END BADLY.

People asked me if we planned to turn it into an NGO (non-governmental organization) or a non-profit. Did we need a board? Did we want to expand it and make it big? And on and on and on.

And I wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner in fear.

And then, slowly, surely, miraculously, things started to come together. And God gently showed me that I didn’t have to be afraid–not of failure, not of disappointment, not of betrayal or pain, none of it. If it happened, it happened. I’d navigated it before; I could do it again.

And now? There is this gigantic weight lifted off my shoulders, because we can move forward with The Bamboo Libraries while other brilliant, talented, trustworthy, caring, bighearted people take on the burden of the things that exhausted me just thinking about them. People like Corrin and Monty and the rest of the Planet Changer team.

And I can dive into my much-loved roles of Bamboo Library Cheerleader, Book Buyer, and Instragram Photo Poster! (along with some writing & visiting libraries & reading with kiddos in Khmer)

So. Right now we need some beautiful people to sponsor our amazing young librarians! We’ll share more about each of them in the weeks and months to come. They each have their own donate button on the Planet Changer website, and you can sponsor them monthly or just donate one-time to their salaries.

There’s also a place to donate $ for Khmer books. And here’s a link to our Bamboo Library Amazon Wish List for diverse books in English.

And stay tuned for fun things like: building a preschool in Village #3! And sponsoring a Bamboo Library t-shirt for each kiddo! And helping the villagers start gardens and fish ponds!


Get Bamboo Library updates on our Facebook page. And here’s a blog post Planet Changer wrote about partnering with us!

What questions can we answer about the Bamboo Libraries and/or our new partnership with Planet Changer?

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