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Hi my name is Ava. I’m 9 years old but I’ll be 10 on Wednesday. I’m the middle sister. I don’t really like it. I wish I was the oldest. My favorite color is orange. My favorite animal is a monkey. I also love elephants, dolphins, and sea turtles. If I had a pet, I would want a turtle.

My mom homeschooled me this year by myself. My sisters went to school. This year we’re all going to be homeschooled. I don’t know how I feel about that. It will be interesting.

My dad is going to make me my own blog soon. I’m going to review the books I’m reading. I read a lot of books this year. Me and Mom read a lot of books together. My favorite book was True. Sort Of.

I’m excited to go to camp. I’m not going to be in Livi’s cabin. I want to make new friends.

Here are some things I’m selling to earn money for camp. I need $300 total and I have $150 already.

Thank you!

From Ava

p.s. I can’t decide what to do or get for my birthday. Do you have any fun ideas?

p.p.s. Let me know if you have any questions for me. Mom said I could stay up late to answer them.

Ava’s mom here. You know the drill. Leave a comment if you want to buy something (or give Ava some fun birthday ideas/ask her a question). For the Cambodia goodies, we marked them up a bit. The purchase price goes to the Camp Fund, the extra goes to the Boys’ Center in Cambodia.

Thanks for being so sweet to my girlies. It warms my mama heart.

These 6 card sets were generously hand-crafted and donated by my beautiful online-recently-turned-real-life friend Krysten. She came to my house to meet me two weeks ago, and we had so much fun talking India, Cambodia, God, and life. She popped by again last week with these amazing cards for the girls to sell for camp. Thank you so, so much, friend!!

I mean, really, is there anything more wonderful than sending someone a handmade card that you didn’t have to make?? (the cards are 5″ x 7″)

#1: Happy Happy Joy Joy. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping)

#2: I Love Blue. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping) SOLD.

#3: Baby Baby. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping)

#4 Welcome Baby. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping) SOLD.

 #5: Pretty in Pink. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping) SOLD.

#6: Going Green. 4 cards + envelopes = $5. (+ shipping) SOLD.

#7: I Love Elephants. $16 + shipping (set includes: kids’ size 10 t-shirt, elephant coin purse, elephant journal from Thailand, elephant pencil pouch, bookmark and envelopes made from elephant dung, elephant card, elephant postcard, wooden elephant from Thailand) SOLD.

#8: Pretty in Plum. $15 + shipping. (set includes adult size medium t-shirt, scarf, bracelet from Daughters of Cambodia) SOLD.

#9: I Love Geckos. $5 + shipping. (set includes child size 8 t-shirt, matching bracelet from Cambodia, matching washer necklace) SOLD.

#10: Pretty Lady. $14 + shipping. (set includes purple scarf from Chiang Mai + turquoise washer bracelet from Daughters of Cambodia) SOLD.

#11: Book Worm: $10 + shipping. (set includes handwoven Cambodia silk shoulder bag + “i heart books” journal from Thailand) SOLD.

#12: Set of 5 books + 2 ebooks = $32 (including shipping). (I have 2 sets.)

Washer Necklaces (handmade by Livi, Ava, & Nina): 75 cents each or 10 for $5.00 (+shipping). (not all shown below are available, but we have lots more if you want to specify color)

Happy Shopping! Thanks so, so much!!

42 thoughts on “ava takes over the blog

  1. Annie L.

    I would love number 9 if it is still available! 🙂 My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she would love it!!

  2. Teresa Henry

    Hi Ava! I will take #11! My daughter loves to read and she will love the I heart books journal. She is 16…a little older than you but she is homeschooled too. The first year she homeschooled she was by herself and then the next year her brother joined her. She wasn’t too thrilled either!! She liked it being her thing! But they have actually grown much closer and most of the time they don’t mind!! They figured out that they sometimes need to go in seperate rooms to do their work so they can concentrate. I am very excited for you to go to camp!

  3. Britt

    Sorry I missed getting online earlier! I’ve been telling summer staff about you and they are very excited to meet you. Tonight they are working on cabin signs…they get to name their cabins. So my question is if you could name your cabin, using your name as part of it, what would it be?!

  4. megan bradford

    Hi Ava! I will take the welcome baby cards!

    For your birthday I think your Mom should decorate a cake for you! The more intricate the better!

    Or, how about tickets to a show or something? Not sure if that excites you. Happy Happy Birthday!

  5. Nancy

    Hi Ava! I can’t really afford to buy anything tonight but wanted to share a fun birthday idea. My daughter’s favorite birthday party was when she turned nine and we had a reverse surprise party. She decided who she wanted to invite and I called those girls’ parents and told them we were having a party but it would be a surprise for all the guests so they shouldn’t tell their girls. Then on the day of the party we drove to each girl’s house…EARLY in the morning…and rang the doorbell. The parents had to wake up the girls and tell them they were going to a party! They just got in the van in their pajamas! After driving to each house to pick them up we came back to our house and had breakfast, played games, opened presents (parents had to get those!) and then had birthday donuts. They got to have all the fun of a slumber/pajama party but we didn’t have to be kept awake all night by hyper girls! Happy Birthday!

      1. Nancy

        It was so much fun! And another bonus was we had stuff left in our garage from a garage sale we had and all the girls got to pick stuff out to take home! I bet their parents were thrilled! Ha!

  6. Shannon

    Hi Ava,
    First from one card maker to another, I want to tell you that your cards are beautifully done!
    Also, for your birthday, I think you should get some balloons, blow them up, and fill up your bedroom floor! What a fun way to celebrate and surprise both your older and younger sister with a nonviolent balloon war. 🙂

  7. Tiffany

    Hi Ava! So excited you are going to camp. Dustin & I love camp. He’s been a camp counselor and we both grew up going. I’d love to buy the “I Love Blue” card set. #2 if it isn’t already taken.

    It might be fun to go to a bead shop for your birthday and design a necklace! I don’t know if there are any shops like that in Columbus but maybe you can ask around? Also, we love Lazer Kraze (lazer tag) http://www.lazerkraze.com/lk3/colasertag.asp
    the Sky Zone (indoor trampoline jumping)

    Have an awesome b-day!

  8. Hannah

    Hi Ava! I’d love the elephant package if that hasn’t already been taken?

    Good work on being so proactive to get somewhere you love! I feel blessed by your efforts.

    Lots of love,

  9. Courtney

    Hi Aahhva! Do you remember when Chloe used to call you that?
    I think you should ask for a swimming pool for your birthday. That way we can come and swim with you some times. 🙂 IF you still have the slide going off your deck, we could just slide off into the pool! Your mom could slide down snacks to us in the pool….
    Camp was my most favorite times of my childhood. I will never forget them.
    Hope we can get together soon.
    Love, Courtney~

  10. brooke

    Ava – I’d like at least one set of note cards. I’m not picky about which set, well except for the baby ones. so maybe set #5? Just let me know what no one else takes. I might take 2 sets.

  11. Stephanie

    Hi Ava,

    Just wanted to encourage you that being the middle isn’t all bad. I’m a middle child too, and I love having an older sibling who looks out for me, and I love having a younger sibling who I can goof around with!

    I hope you sell lots of these goodies! 🙂

  12. Deborah

    Hello, Ava!

    My name is Deborah and when you are 10 on Wednesday, you’ll be 25 years younger than I. 🙂 Also, your birthday is two days before my brother Daniel’s birthday!

    I think a birthday idea is for you to pick a theme from your favorite book and either a.) use it in a party or game or b.) make it on your cake. My nephew Jack just turned 7 two weeks ago and his cake was from when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy met Mr. and Mrs. Beaver in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    When I was just a bit older than you, I went to a camp all by myself, too. It was about 3 1/2 hours away from home, and none of my friends wanted to go, so I went all by myself. I think it was good for me, and I made some neat friends that week and had a FABULOUS time on which I’d have missed out if I’d stayed home.

    I’m curious to read your book reports. I LOVE reading. Lots! I hope you’re having a good summer! I like all sorts of animals, but not necessarily in my house. 🙂 If I could be an animal, I’d want to be a cat…everything from a kitten to a lion or tiger. 😀 In the meantime, I have two psycho cats who share the house with me.

    Happy Blogging and Camp Funding! I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes from you!

    Deborah <3

    1. Delaine

      I’ll give it to you at church on Sunday!
      Also, I have a question (or 2) for you:

      What is the biggest advice you would give Kayla (age 6) on growing up here in Ohio??
      What is it like being a young Christian girl?

  13. ellen

    hey Ava — i have 5$ for your camp fund. I’ll give it to you at church. My daughters favorite animal is a money also – Enjoy being 10 even as the middle sister — God has something amazing for your life and maybe being middle is preparing you for that!!!! Camp will be fun

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