the newest member of our family

We are (almost 100% completely and totally) THRILLED to introduce to you…

Atlas Tuk-Tuk Taviano!!

“He” is a four-month-old African Sulcata tortoise (you can read more about them here), and we put “he” in quotes because you can’t exactly tell what sex these tortoises are until around age 5. So, we’re going with “he” since Gabe is so outnumbered around these parts, and we’ll let you know in 5 years if we were wrong.

Atlas has his own tumblr blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts (overkill? quite probably. talk to Mr. T about that.) and we’ll be filming his adventures as he grows (Where in the World is Atlas Taviano?).

We’ll tell you more about his adoption in the days to come.

We love you already, Atlas!

16 thoughts on “the newest member of our family

  1. Krysten

    I’m in love!!! He is amazing! I think I’ll make him a little tiny bracelet for his cute little foot. Wait…probably not the best idea. Veto.

    Side note… I also have the nickname “Atlas” due to my super-nerdy love for maps and globes. When I was little I used to get in trouble for two things: sneaking the encyclopedia into my room that had all the flags from around the world in it, and taking my mom’s atlas out of her car… she used to find me under the covers at night looking at it when I was supposed to be sleeping. Fo’ real.

    Happy tortoise-ing! What fun!

    1. Marla Taviano

      You’ll have to get past the girls first. Their research shows that dogs and cats can accidentally (or purposely) kill tortoises. Maybe they can have an online relationship.

  2. Lee Detrick

    I think it’s hard to warm up to a turtle…….you can’t really pet him, that takes something with fur, you can’t take him to bed with you, and you can’t train him to beg or roll over. Think about it…..

  3. Jamie Nygaard

    You know…I’ve always thought it was funny that for the love you have for zoo animals, that you guys never had an animal. LOVE that you got a pet!

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