meet my new baby!


But she’s a book I have worked looooooong and hard on, and she is extra-special to my heart. Like, for real, of all the books I’ve written, this one means the very most to me.

Because it’s about some people who rescued me from a very dark pit, helped me get back on my feet, loved me and befriended me (and my whole family), and sent us off in the direction we’d been trying to go for so long.

If you’ve been along for the ride for a few years, then you know about Gabe’s heart attack and anxiety (read the awful details here) in 2011-2014.

And you know we moved into a refugee community (an apartment complex called Abbey Lane) at the end of 2013.

Shipwrecked is that story.

And I want every single person I know to read it.

I mean, what author doesn’t want people to read her book? But this one is different. Unlike the sex books and baby books and zoo trip book and unschooling book, THIS ONE could mean the difference between welcoming refugees and turning them away.

My hope/dream/prayer is for EVERY SINGLE American I know to get to know a refugee (or refugee family).


It will CHANGE.




My hope/dream/prayer is already coming true, one person at a time. A friend on Instagram told me this yesterday:

As someone who can honestly admit that I voted differently than you would have during election season (shamefully not giving much thought to the issue of refugees), your book has opened my eyes. I’m kind of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin…. In a good way. Your story showed me that my world, and therefore my opinions, are small. Your words will make a difference.


Would you do me the biggest favor? Would you buy the book on Amazon (or Barnes & Noble or iTunes) for $2.99? And would you share it with others (on social media or in person)?

I’m so so grateful for D.L. Mayfield and her phenomenal book, Assimilate or Go Home. Reading it last fall is what prompted me to pull up my half-finished Shipwrecked manuscript on my computer and get my butt in gear writing the book.

It was so much work, but it was so so so so worth it.

I can almost promise you that you will fall in love with our refugee friends as you read.

And I am sooooooo excited to share something with you on Monday morning (your Sunday night). Be watching Facebook/Instagram! One of our friends from Abbey Lane is COMING TO VISIT US IN CAMBODIA.

I cannot even process this.

Stay tuned!


Buy the ebook for $2.99 on:

Barnes & Noble

Thank you, beautiful people. Much love!

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