grateful, tired, full.

I’m an introvert. An introvert who gets joy from, but is depleted by, interaction with people. Today was a good day. Church with my peeps. The privilege to pray with three different women who are hurting/struggling (God, be near B, M, and M tonight). Chipotle! Our girls often beg us to eat there and offer to pay for their own meals (score!).

Home for the tiniest bit of rest. And making cupcakes for neighbors who have blessed us with gifts of sambusa (savory meat pastries–yes, we’re vegan, but we are also POLITE and also NOT STUPID. soooooooo yummy!!).

Then, “Come to my house for henna!”

So we did.

Their home is full. Of love and people. A mama with 6 kids. 2 of the 6 have a baby of their own. The mama’s sister and her family (husband, 7 kids) recently arrived from Ethiopia (and have their own apartment now but hang out with their fam often). There was also another visiting mama with some of her kids.

Livi went first. Then me. Then Ava, Nina, our neighbor Hannah.

Between Livi and me, our henna-artist-friend had to run to the Somali mall for more henna, so we did some impromptu English/Somali lessons. The family matriarch and her newly-arrived-in-America sister want to learn English. We worked on counting from 1-10 (and now I can sort of, not really, count to 10 in Somali–I had to write the words in English, because I am 100% a visual learner and can’t possibly learn words when you just say them to me).

We practiced, “What is your name?” And “My name is _________.” (in both languages) And some other random phrases.

The youngest daughter (11) spends a lot of time with us and did a beautiful job translating for us all.

After all the henna, we iced and delivered the cupcakes, then drove to the store for more boxes of cake mix and tubs of icing and made 4 dozen more.

Then we had a little lesson on the balcony about manners and gratitude and patience.

And then when all the kiddos wanted cold water to drink (we don’t have cold water at my house!), I said, “No. No more. I am tired. From all the henna and the cupcakes and now I have to rest.”

I think they think I’m a little crazy.

I am.

And then I read some more of this book (my second time through). (You should really, really read it. For really.)

And made a crappy dinner. Sigh.

And read some more of my book.

And tucked people into bed.

And had a little snack and drink. And a piece of chocolate cheesecake from my neighbor (that was yummy but that I’m already regretting).

And that’s the end.

It was a good day of loving. And also a reminder that I have a long way to go.

2 thoughts on “grateful, tired, full.

  1. Sharon

    I soooo wanna read Tsh’s book!

    Somehow I have not read your “Expecting” book. So, I’m reading one before donating it to the pregnancy center. Okay by you???? I’m just a little ways in, but already think it is the perfect book for a first time Mom. Whether she was planning to be at that point in her life or not.

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