gimme an r! e! a! d! read! uh! long! huh!!

Sorry about that. Fancied myself a yell leader for a second there.

It’s Read-A-Long time again, friends! Isn’t this exciting??

Disclaimer: I started a post about this two days ago and then a completely different one in my head today and then we had some, um, family issues tonight, and I need to get my rear in bed in about two shakes. So it’s all going out the window.

No drumroll. No pep talk. No guilt trip. No I-dare-you-to-read-this-book. Just this:

7. We’re reading 7. 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker for long. Quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read. And I’ve already read it twice. And I can’t wait to read it again with all of you.

It’s good, friends. G-O-O-D. And real. And gut-honest. And pee-your-pants hi-larious. And convicting.

And hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll have a fun little read-along graphic ready to go and an excerpt from the book to share and some details about when we’ll start and when we’ll finish and what days we’ll be discussing what we’ve read.

Do me a favor?

1. If you think you’re up for the read-along, let me know you’re in. (we’ll do a more formal introduction soon)

2. If you need some more convincing, tell me that too, and I’ll see what I can do.

I. Am. So. Excited!

133 thoughts on “gimme an r! e! a! d! read! uh! long! huh!!

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  2. BettyB

    I’m definitely in. After reading [devouring?] this book for days, it’s become a bit of an obsession.
    And it’s gotten serious! When a friend invited me to go shopping today, she actually stopped mid-sentence and said, “Oh, sorry. I forgot — you’re still reading ‘7’.” !!!

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  4. Julie Melia

    Bought the book yesterday and my daughter-in-law saw it on the kitchen counter. She ran right out and got herself a copy. So now, we are going to read along with you together! We can hardly wait!

  5. Ashlie Rich

    I am so in! I have read the first three chapters but, have had to put it on hold due to some other personal stuff taking over. So let’s go, I’m ready!!

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  7. Meg Foster

    LOVED this book. Would love to read again too! Curious, though. What would a read along look like? Would it be simply reading or a group holding each other accountable to DO 7? And over what period of time would it take place? Thanks Maria!

  8. Karen Story

    Couldn’t put it down, would enjoy discussing with a group. Trying my own 7 experiment, this will be great moral support!

  9. Sue Gerardot

    A group of us started a small group book club after hearing Shauna Neiquest speak at Chicks and Chocolate at church. oops sorry to mention the competition :). Anyway the newly formed Bittersweet book clubbers truly enjoyed our time together. We moved on to HEaven Is For Real, and just last week started 7. It will be interesting to read along with all you as we go along. We just started so we are just a few steps ahead of you!

      1. Sue Gerardot

        I as well am thrilled to see how this unfolds. Our group is small, but a group of 5 ladies who had never formally met just hanging out is unfolding into wonderful relationships. I just thought to get others involved would add another flavor to our discussions. I am the most techno challenged in the group, so I am hoping that all the Kindle people will be able to help so we can participate. Our goal is developing our own challenges from what we read. These back 2 weeks it was giving up a favorite drink. I know Starbuck’s missed me as much as I missed them! As far as competition, there is none, I just wanted to share our story and how the Bittersweet book club came to be! Looking to the journey!

  10. Suzy

    I am in – I’ve read it before, but am ready to dig in again and take some concrete steps of the 7. I don’t know that I am in for composting, like you my last attempt was abysmal (and my dogs like to mess with it too).

  11. Jennifer Main

    I’m in! I’ve read it once but plan on reading it again…so I will join you! I’ve told so many people about this book and lots of them went out and bought it!! I’m currently on day 28 out of 30 on my own experiment….30 days without wearing make-up. Girls believe me….this is a big deal for me and I am so glad I did it!! I am now officially comfortable in my own skin:) Cant wait to learn how to compost!! Thanks Marla for doing this…

    1. Marla Taviano

      I’m going to kill Jen (Hatmaker, not you) for starting that composting rumor. I have NO idea how to do it! I tried to do it last year, and it was an abysmal failure that involved maggots in my garage and a near heart attack by raccoon.

      LOVE the make-up idea!!!

  12. Carolyn Jones

    I have read several of your books & loved them. Passed them along to friends to enjoy! I bought 7 copies of ” 7 ” immediately to share with friends & family on birthday’s etc. Guess what, there all gone, & no one has had a b/d yet! I have 1 copy left, & I haven’t even started to read it. Plan to get it on my Kindle, and would love to get in on this read plan! Can’t wait…………………

    1. Sue Gerardot

      Hi, I did the same thing, but only bought 5. I was thinking as you that they would make great gifts ….until my adult children came by and snatched up a couple!

  13. Sheyna

    I am in! I’ve read it once on Kindle & had to buy a hard copy so I could properly underline it. I’ve told everyone who will listen, you have to read this but know that then you will be accountable for what you’ve read, LOL.

  14. Positively Alene

    Reading the book – being wrecked again. Jenn’s Interrupted book messed my life up in such a good way. I was a yell leader too maybe WE. CAN. DO. THIS. THING. together. Well, that is if I really knew what a read-along-is?

  15. Sheree G

    Just finished the book a couple weeks ago, but was gonna read it again and now I get to read it with y’all, YAY!!!! Since I’m in Texas, I may just scoot down to Austin one weekend and hang out with Jen, ;~)

  16. Melissa Irwin

    Here I am again. I’m cracking up because I just finished reading “7” last week and have already forced it on all of my friends. And by the way…. my closet is now half empty. 🙂 And I have seeds for a garden. Ha.

  17. Diane

    I’m in…I’m going to have to read it all at once within two weeks rather than on the “read-along schedule” but I’m looking forward to it.

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  19. Jonna Watson

    I’m in! I’ve already read this book and it is LITERALLY probably my favorite book I’ve read in a long, long, long time. I’m excited to re-read it!

  20. Leigh

    I was wondering if you were going to pick 7. It’s been on my To Read list. I’ll have to look over my book budget but you can safely count me in. I might not write a weekly blog post but I will surely participate in the comments here. I’m excited!

  21. Danielle

    Sounds great! Maybe I can get J to join me, would be nice to do a read along together as a family not just me reading things and feeling like I’m preaching to my poor husband all the time.

      1. Danielle

        The conversation went something like this:
        “hey you wanna do Marla’s read-along with me?”

        “Maybe…” follows several links… “sure!”

        He’s a pretty fantastic guy, but I’m a little biased. He asked me when he got home from work today if I had ordered the book yet. I think he’s pretty excited!

  22. Kelly S

    I’m in! I love me a good read-a-long! 🙂

    When you said the other day you were doing a read-a-long, I kind of figured it would be this book, which makes me happy because I keep hearing great things about it! Looking forward to it!

  23. Mary

    I just bought this book last night!!! I hadn’t heard much about it. Must be God’s way of saying I need to hear what’s in there.

    I’m in!

  24. Jen Hanson

    I’m quite possibly in… I still have “Organized Simplicity” and “Consumer Detox” (along with the promised review) to read. Maybe I’ll read “7” vicariously through your blog posts. I read the description on Amazon and it sounds SO interesting!

  25. Sarah Dewald

    I already read it so I don’t think I count. Still trying to process it all though! Your description of it is so accurate. Maybe I will read it again. However, I am reading Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” right now (equally awesome and challenging but very different).

  26. Jennifer Ekstrand

    Maybe? Partially in?

    I would love to be in, but I want to borrow it from the library rather than buying it. Right now I’m first on the request list, but I’m not sure when the copy will actually arrive (it has been “pending” (which seems to be the stage between the library getting the physical book and having it ready for circulation) for a while). Once I check it out, I’ll only be able to have it for three weeks; 24 people are waiting for 3 copies, so renewals are not going to be an option.

    All that to say, I’ll try to read-along for what I can, but I’m not sure that I’ll have the book in hand for much of the read-along (besides the free chapter from the publisher).

  27. Lori Mercer

    Sweet! I’m totally in. Hoping to convince my husband to join (although he is anti-online and won’t do that part).
    And looking forward to inspiring some new blog content “7 as applied by the overloaded working mom” 🙂

    PS – I’m still trying to finish Consumer Detox as well….too many books in the queue right now.

  28. Nancy

    Not this time….I’ll be “reading along” with the comments, though. Too many books on my nightstand (and coffee table…ottoman…counter…) as it is. But I will read it sometime in the future. Looking forward to reading about it!

  29. brooke

    of course i’m in!! 🙂 how bad is it that i enjoyed it so much when i felt smug, yet challenged. after all i have the grocery budget of a pauper and shop at thrift stores for the fun of it. the waste chapter? :-/

  30. Sharon

    I’m in! Just placed an order on Amazon LAST NIGHT! Wish I would have waited til today so I could have ordered this book, too. BUT, I just checked my library and they have 5 copies of the book! So, I’m in!!

  31. Sharon Meekins

    I’m in? Doing James Bible Study – Beth Moore, another book with my girls lifegroup, working… I’m going to try… 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!

  32. Bethany Peters

    I can’t wait!!! I just bought the book for my Kindle today when you texted me. 🙂 (I read the free sample and Jen is hilarious and so real and I love her already. The first review on Amazon had me cracking up as well!) Count me IN!!!!!

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