wooden plaque {19/40}

11794061_1641534096114485_1419787968762711684_oWelcome to Day 19 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Ryan & Cheryl Hatch and Carissa Remillard of Shalam Ministries.

Shalam is a Hebrew word meaning to be made complete in the Lord, restoration unto completion.

SHALAM’S MISSION: To see all creation reconciled to God through a community that embraces wounded souls and restores our ravaged earth to the fullness of beauty, harmony and holiness.

b9166964-9c49-40d9-882b-11f61ee0e29bSHALAM’S VISION: Cultivating a sanctuary of life where the land will flourish, the weary may find rest, and all are oriented toward Christ.

From Cheryl:

We provide relational support and plan to build a place (in Southern Wisconsin/greater Chicagoland area) called Shalam sanctuary (in the near future as God provides)! It’ll be a place of rest with private cottages nestled on gorgeous secluded land.

We’ll gift short stays of respite to trauma survivors, Christian workers and missionaries to help them rest, heal and spend time with God in beauty, solitude and silence.

Mmm… sounds so nice. Maybe we’ll get to stay there someday.

10604472_550869771679700_5230343579043026618_oRyan & Cheryl are giving away THREE wooden plaques (made by Ryan) today with one of his favorite verses on it. 

To be entered to win, do ONE (of these three things:

1.) Like their fb page (and leave a comment saying you did so).

2.) Share this post (and leave a comment saying you did so).

3.) Leave a comment sharing something that was super encouraging to you during a difficult time in your life.

To find out more about Shalam, visit their fb page or website. Thanks, friends!

9 thoughts on “wooden plaque {19/40}

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  2. Hannah W

    This is beautiful! It’s really cool to see how God can use us each differently and creatively to do His work. Solitude was necessary for me, without it there were too many distractions and people to fall on and let me tell you, not everyone who stands with you is there to help you. Solitude is the only thing that allowed me to hear His voice and get back on His narrow path. Thank you for your work Ryan, Cheryl and Carissa you have a new fb follower 😉 and thank you Marla for supporting such awesome people and getting their stories out to be heard.

    1. Cheryl H

      Yes, Solitude is so needed and SO hard to find, particularly in a safe beautiful place. I’m so glad you recognized your need to get alone! We are so excited to look forward to offering that blessing to others!

  3. Michelle Van Loon

    I have a couple of women in my life with whom I’ve been friends for more than 4 decades. We all came to faith in Christ during the Jesus Movement in the 1970’s, and are each still walking with the Lord today. Each of us has been through hard stuff in life. One or more of us have faced cancer, death of a child, another child’s mental illness, divorce, losses of parents. I just had dinner with one of those friends last night, and was reminded that during my own difficult years, it wasn’t a particular thing that carried me through hard times as much as it was the presence of one person who knew me well enough to stick with me when I was grieving and angry. That I’ve had more than one person like this is grace upon grace.

    1. Cheryl H

      So true! The presence of a trusted friend is so powerful! I am SO glad you have had each other. I tell people all the time, you don’t have to know their pain from personal experience – you do have to be willing to sit with them in theirs.

      Thank you for being that person of Grace and the presence of Jesus Christ!

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