week in review {6/40}

Birthday-giftsWhat a fun first week of 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

Thanks to everyone who has donated a gift & participated in the fun!

“I’m looking for a way forward. I want to know how to live within the system but without it dominating my life. I want my consuming to become creative, shaping the economy instead of being shaped by it.”

(Mark Powley, Consumer Detox)

(I love this book.)

A Quick Recap of the Week:

Day 1: Ava Anderson all-natural home & beauty products. Check out Amanda’s page if you’d like to buy something. (They make great stocking stuffers!)

Day 2: Jen Hanson’s beaded crosses. Extending the 10% off any order (code: MARLATURNS40) through Monday, September 28. (Perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone!)

Day 3: Krysten’s Fancy Freedom Designs. Buy yourself or a friend a beautiful piece of jewelry with a message. (Krysten does custom orders!)

Day 4: Buy Organized Simplicity & One Bite at a Time and get yo’ life on track.

Day 5: Support the beautiful women of Mi Esperanza in Honduras with a purchase. A real, tangible way to support women & their families.

“Thank you, Lord, for the abundance of blessings you shower upon us. Forgive us for the many ways we have turned your gifts into our achievements and so forgotten your generosity. Open our eyes to see that everything is a gift, and that every gift is to be shared for your glory. Amen.” (Common Prayer, 454)

No give-away today. Just give some praise to Jesus! (if you’d like to publicly praise him for something, have at it!)

7 thoughts on “week in review {6/40}

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  2. Krysten

    Praise Jesus this morning for giving me eyes to learn new things about myself in a difficult season. Praise Him that my friends get to finally leave for Haiti this morning to bring home their son! And praise Him for just being our sure hope to stand on when everything in the universe seems off.

    I love you, Jesus. You’re just the very best of everything.

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