week in review {20/40}

cakeWe’re halfway to 40! Wowza badowza!!

A Recap of Our Week:

Day 14: Give books to Cambodia (we only need $46 more)

Day 15: Necklaces from Jewel.

Day 16: Scentsy by Jessica.

Day 17: Fancy Freedom jewelry.

Day 18: an unschooling manifesto.

Day 19: handmade wooden art plaque by Shalam Ministries.

Goodies from Week 1. Goodies from Week 2.

Announcement! This week is a big holiday in Cambodia, so Livi’s off school, and our fam is going on a couple adventures. First up: tent-camping with friends for two nights. Then heading somewhere we haven’t been in almost 4 years for a few days. (Follow the fun on Instagram if you’d like.)

So, I’m making the executive decision to take a week off from our give-aways. Y’all ‘ll be okay, right? Whew.

(I’m planning on making it up to you with a BIG OL’ GIVE-AWAY at the end of the month! (if you have something you’d like to contribute to our GRAND PRIZE, let me know!)

See you back here on Monday, the 19th!

3 thoughts on “week in review {20/40}

  1. Laura H

    I’m still waiting to win 🙂 but I approve also, haha! Have a great time and can’t wait to see all the fun on Instagram!

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