the world! {11/40}

12083980_10153701909919532_1043774650_nHappy Day 11 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts! Thanks for stopping by!

Once again, not really giving away the world. BUT giving away an e-book about the world and a map of the world.

Close enough, eh?

First, the map. Have you ever thought about the fact that most maps in the U.S. have the Americas first (on the left side of the map) when, in reality, there is no left/first side of the world?

Why not put Africa and Asia first and America second?

Well, in other countries, they do do that. Here’s a map I bought here in Cambodia. Asia/Africa first, Americas second. Hmmm… Same world, but looks soooo different, huh?

bodiaI’m also a HUGE fan of the upside-down map. Who’s to say the “northern” hemisphere is on top? There’s really no top & bottom to the world. We are not right-side-up in the universe. We’re just twirling and spinning and revolving around the sun.


Second, the e-book. In 2014, I wrote an ebook called We Dream of Cambodia. It’s all about this country & people we fell in love with in 2010 & how we longed to be back here for good but couldn’t be.

Today I’m going to give a free copy of the book to EVERYONE who wants it (all you have to do is leave a comment and say “ebook please!”).

dream of bodiaIf you have time this month to read it (it’s not that long), I would loooove for you to, because, on October 29, I’m releasing a new e-book about the reason we couldn’t be in Cambodia when we wanted to be: Gabe’s battle with anxiety.

It is raw. And honest. And the scariest thing I’ve ever written for public consumption.


And, if you’ve read We Dream of Cambodia, it makes the new e-book all that more miraculous and crazy and God-awesome. So:

To be eligible to win a FREE wall map of the WORLD (my friend Pam has it at her house and is excited to send it to you), leave a comment telling me your favorite place you’ve ever visited. (We’ll choose one random winner.)

AND if you want a FREE e-book, just say, “free e-book please!” and it’s yours (everyone’s a winner!) I’ll email you a PDF within 24 hours.

Thanks, friends! See you back here tomorrow for more winning!

28 thoughts on “the world! {11/40}

  1. Kim

    My favorite place is a very poor community Los Brasiles, on the outskirts of Managua, Nicaragua. A big chunk of my heart is there.

    Would love the ebook.

  2. Hannah w

    Ooo my favorite place that I have visited?? I will say south Brazil, the food was amazing!!! I would like to have your free eBook please 🙂

  3. Marie Foote, Coffee Missionary

    Free e-book, please, and looking forward to buying your next one!
    If I had to pick one place to live the rest of my earthly days, it would be in a hidden village in Tuscany, Italy … near where my Italian father was from. He’s now with Jesus!

  4. Carissa

    E-book please!

    My favorite place I’ve ever visited is Malaybalay City on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. And that is an amazing map!! 😀

  5. Katherine

    I left my heart in Uganda 🌍. Some places just get under your skin and won’t leave, don’t they? I accost everyone I see who looks like they are from Africa, just so I can be reminded of that wonderful place. So of course, I’d like your e-book please!

  6. Joy

    Alaska and Switzerland are my favorites. If I had to choose one it would be Alaska, since I got to share it with my husband. 🙂
    And I already have the E-Book!!

  7. Katlyn S

    Cambodia was definitely my favorite place that I have been!…and with that in mind, free ebook please! I’ve been wanting to read this book of yours for awhile now!

  8. Pam

    Ebook please.

    Favorite place – Cape Town, South Africa or Calcutta, India or ceadir lunga, Moldova. Because of the people there…

  9. Sue Oda

    I have not been many places outside the U.S. mainland, however, I have visited Hawaii several times and it would rank pretty high. Two years ago we went on a Baltic Sea cruise and I fell in love with two countries—Latvia and Estonia. They rank very high on my list, so I cannot choose a favorite.
    Please send me the free ebook. Thanks Marla!

  10. Amanda Buss

    Favorite place is Berlin, Germany where i worked with Turkish and Kurdish refugees. I would love to read your ebook!

  11. Emma Sutton

    This is a very cool idea for a birthday countdown. And totally inspired by all of your honest blog posts.

    Please may I get your ebook? 🙂

  12. cyndee

    Favorite place outside the USA was definitely Ethiopia! Amazing country AND met my grandson there. Would love to go back someday!

  13. Cheryl H

    I left part of my heart when I left Bucharest Romania because it had become home. I love different maps of the world. The U.S. perspective on map placement is an odd one for sure. I’ve never seen an “upside down” map… That’s interesting. I do like north up, but probably just because it’s what I’m accustomed to! You’re so right, north isn’t up necessarily. 🙂

    E-book please. 🙂

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