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different bookHey, friends! Time for another give-away! This one is compliments of my friend, Ryan Haack.

Ryan and I met last year when our mutual friend, Wes “The Wonder” Molebash, was busy illustrating Ryan’s new kids’ book, Different Is Awesome.

Wes, and his wife Kari, are real-life friends of ours (well, we met on the internet initially too), and Wes designed (BRILLIANTLY, I might add) two of my ebook covers (for FREE. do NOT tell Ryan).

ryan readingSo, when Ryan was doing a Kickstarter thingy for his new book, I JUMPED on it. 1.) because his story is AWESOME. and 2.) because Wes’s work is BRILLIANT.

(My copy of the book got mailed to my parents’ house, but I’ve read the e-book. Loved it.)

Ryan is the author of the blog, Living One-Handed. He can call his blog this, because he was born in 1977 (young’un!) without a left forearm.

And he is PASSIONATE about showing others with limb differences (and everyone else, to be honest) that they are valuable and lovable and important and AWESOME.


On a hard/sad note, Ryan lost his dad to suicide a year ago, and it rocked his world. He loves and misses him like crazy, and he also has his own struggles with depression, so extra-super hard.

(<– Ryan, his wife Julie, and their cute kiddos)

Last night on Facebook I was looking for “VERY SPECIAL people” to review my new ebook. Ryan piped up and said, “I’d LOVE to be very special.”

tattooI sent him the ebook before I went to bed and woke up this morning to this message (that I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing): “Wow. This is really, really hard for me to read.”

This month Ryan got a semicolon tattoo (you can read why here). He’s struggled with fear & anxiety a long time. This tattoo (Gabe got one this summer too) is a reminder that, when things get hard, you might have to pause for a second, but this is not the end of the sentence, the end of your story.


The semicolon is a reminder that he can do this, get through this, that he still has a lot of life to live, a lot of joy to bring, a lot of hope for a bright future.

(Read more about Project Semicolon here.)

My new e-book, The Storm, is my version of the semicolon tattoo, a testimony about not giving up because things will get better.

Writing a book is a little less physically painful than getting inked, but it wore the heck out of me emotionally. My prayer (and Gabe’s) is that people will read it and be inspired to keep on keeping on.

Today, Ryan is graciously giving away a FREE hardcover copy of Different Is Awesome

All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment telling me something “different” about yourself that you can celebrate.

coveronceupontheinternet(Don’t make this too hard. You don’t have to be the only person on the planet with this character trait, like/dislike, physical feature. Just something that’s a little unconventional, not-so-mainstream, a wee bit different.

Red hair. Two different-sized feet. You love cats. You don’t own a smart phone. You like peanut butter and olive sandwiches. You have a really deep voice. You’re double-jointed. You’re far-sighted. Your nose is crooked. You get the idea.)

And Different Is Awesome would make a GREAT Christmas gift for a special kiddo in your life! Or you could buy it for your child’s teacher! Every classroom should have one.

coverhusbandsguideAnd, as a bonus, I’m going to give away a FREE copy of one of my e-books with a Wes-designed cover to ANYONE who wants one.

All you’ve got to do is:

1.) Hop over to Wes’s blog and read his latest comic strip about fatherhood. (so easy!)


2.) Tell me if you want Once Upon the Internet or The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky.

(And if you’re too shy to ask for The Husband’s Guide in a comment, here’s my email address.)

Last thing: I’m still looking for reviewers for my new e-book (specifically people who have dealt with anxiety/depression or love someone who has–if that’s you, head over to this post for details).

See you here Thursday for the Official Book Party Launch! Give-aways galore! (or, if I’m feeling ambitious, I might give away some more stuff before then!)

10 thoughts on “something awesome!!

  1. Sharon

    I’m a red head and don’t have a smartphone. Wouldn’t have thought to mention either of those on my own, thanks for the suggestions!

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  3. Mary Taylor

    I’ve survived a type A -aortic dissection and heart attack.
    Life can be so tough, but it can be so rewarding too!

  4. Bethany

    I have toenail fungus on both my big toes and I either wear fake toenails in the summer, or hope no one notices my feet when I wear flip flops.

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