pretty things! {15/40}

Welcome to Day 15 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts! 

(There’s still time to donate $10 toward books for some kiddos in Cambodia–and you get a free bracelet!)

necklaces3Today I’m giving away these THREE gorgeous necklaces made by pastors’ wives at Africa Gospel Church in Uganda. (I mean, come on, HOW COOL?!)

I bought the necklaces from my friend, Jewel, whom I have actually never met in real life, but I will meet her in 2 weeks, because she and her husband and their little girl are coming to Cambodia!

(and the $ from the necklaces is going to help pay for an extra suitcase full of supplies they’re bringing with them)

jewelJust this minute I asked Jewel to remind me how we met online (sometime it feels like I’ve just known people forever, and I can’t remember our first connection), and she told me that our mutual friend, Tiffany (who was in our Community Group that met at our house a few years ago) introduced her to my blog. I had no idea! So fun!

Jewel met her husband, Titus, a few years ago when she was on a missions trip in Cambodia. He was a pastor at a church she visited and a teacher at World Hope School where she was teaching. He was also her translator (he’s Cambodian) and they got to know each other really well. “I came back again.. and again..” she says,  “and then we got engaged.. and then he came to America and married me.”

necklace5They now have a beautiful baby girl who’s not yet two, and Titus recently became a U.S. citizen, so they can travel back and forth between Cambodia and America now.

I asked Jewel to share a little bit more about what they’ll be doing during their month in Cambodia.

Our ministry will be pretty broad this trip. Because Titus was a pastor in Cambodia, we have a heart for the pastors there. We are doing a pastors’ retreat at the beach for more than 20 pastors and their families for a large denomination called Khmer Community Church.

brace 1The purpose of the retreat is rest, renewal, and encouragement, and to re-inspire their passions.

We are also going to visit rural primary schools to pass out school supplies, dental hygiene products, candy, little toys, etc. and do a gospel presentation.

We are going to do some prayer walks in busier parts of the city, like the riverside, with the intention to interact with beggars.

We’re also preparing bags for beggars with sandals, soap, dental products, etc. These bags will also have Bible verses (Romans road), and we want to pray with each beggar.

necklace6We will also spend some time at a “girls dorm” sponsored by KCC (Khmer Community Church) for Bible study, testimonies, games, etc. We will visit eight churches to encourage the pastors and community there.

We will also be joined by two couples (at the end of our trip) who are the President and field director of a missions organization in America. Titus and I hope to be Pioneer missionaries to Cambodia (aka first missionaries to Cambodia with this organization) and they desire to see the country before sending us.

neck1So we will be doing some groundwork in preparation to move to Cambodia in early 2017.

Thanks, Jewel!! It’s soooooo exciting when people move to CAMBODIA. (and our fam is going to help them put together these little care packages for beggars–so excited!)

And the reason for all these other necklaces (that I’ve posted upside down because I don’t know how to flip them and don’t really care)?

They’re available for YOU to buy. The necklaces are $12 each (including shipping in the U.S.) and the bracelets are $8 each (including shipping in the U.S.). If you see one you’d like, let me know! (first come, first served)

neck 2So, to be entered to win one of the beautiful necklaces in that first picture up there:

1.) Leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite.

That’s it!

And, if you’d like to buy one of the other ones, let me know in the comments! I’ll put you in touch with Jewel (and I’ll try to delete photos as people buy the jewelry. I have a few more pics of similar pieces I can post as these sell.)

See you tomorrow, friends!


22 thoughts on “pretty things! {15/40}

  1. Hadassah

    They’re all my favorite. But today the multicolor one is slightly more my favorite. (But blue or green are my usual gobto colors)

  2. Katherine

    Oh, this makes my heart so happy! I love Uganda so much! So glad you’re promoting work that helps them. I love the teal and the green necklaces the most. 🙂

  3. Cheryl H

    I like the green one.

    Is there an etsy store or anywhere I could buy these later? I love the organic multi with brown or the brown ones that are in the lower pictures, but i cannot purchase them right now.

  4. Tara Haney

    I like the turquoise & the blue layer type one. I am so enjoying reading about all these amazing people you know. You are such an inspiration! Continued prayers for y’all!

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