non-toxic awesomeness {36/40}

Hello, friends! Welcome to Day 36 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

One of my dreams is to do/eat/clean/smell/wash everything in my life in a delicious-smelling/tasting ORGANIC, SAFE, HEALTHY, NATURAL way. Right now, it’s just a pipe dream (and often takes a back seat to other dreams), but I’m taking baby steps.

We all just feel better when we’re surrounding/filling ourselves with things the way God intended them to be in the beginning. (Anyway.)

pride famToday I want to introduce you to my friend, Amanda Pride. Just like the other Amanda (back on day one), she started her Ava Anderson business for some really personal reasons.

1.) She loves her family and wants what’s best for them, but she was clueless about toxins until someone shared some important information with her.

I always assumed that “others” in our country were looking out for our health and best interest & that if something was harmful for us, it wouldn’t be allowed to be sold. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the realization that this is NOT even close to the truth. In fact, as Amanda Epting shared, Europe bans approximately 1300 harmful chemicals while the US bans only 11.

After learning this and spending time researching, studying, and thinking of the “next steps” for my life/family, I decided 5 months ago to join Ava Anderson Nontoxic (the avaARMY), to help with this grassroots effort.

amanda mom2. Amanda HATES cancer and has a passion to help spread a message of HOPE & PREVENTION. 

There are two people who keep me motivated on this journey. The first is my mom. Just over two years ago she was diagnosed with stage lV, small cell lung cancer. I’m THRILLED to say right now she is Cancer FREE and beating all sorts of odds. Praise be to God.

The second is a dear friend of mine, Liz, who we lost to breast cancer 6 years ago leaving behind two young sons and her husband. And right now, two other close friends are battling this disease.  

ava sprayer3. She wanted to start her own business–but it had to be something she was passionate about.  

I took a year off of work to heal emotionally and gain clarity after walking through my mom’s treatment. My goal was to find a business opportunity that would allow me to be my own boss, work around my kids’ schedules and help provide an income for my family.

I now spend time sharing avaHOURS by going home to home, educating families about the toxic chemicals in almost ALL of our every day products and the impact they can have over time on our health. Ava Anderson Nontoxic products are safe, organic, & gluten FREE. I’m thankful for the opportunity this business has given me and LOVE that my home is now stocked with this SAFE product line. 

dream creamI’m super happy for her. Amanda is one of the most generous people I know, and I’ m excited to help her grow her business.

I’ll be honest. I’m not an easy person to buy gifts for. I’m super practical, don’t really love jewelry or clothes or anything to decorate my home that’s not a map or banner, love to purge, yada yada.

Here’s what I want for Christmas: good kids (that was my mom and dad’s line my whole life), an Amazon gift card, and some non-toxic Ava Anderson stuff for my body and home.

(okay, I could probably come up with some more stuff…)

Today, Amanda is giving away one Ava item of your choice ($24.99 or less) to one lucky winner!

ava candle

But first, she wants to tell us a few things we might not know about the candles we burn in our homes. (I asked her to share about a product she loves.)

The allure of a sweet smelling candle has seduced many of us. But, did you know that many of them are doing you, your family, and your pets more harm than good? Most candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax. Do you know where paraffin comes from?

The process of making paraffin wax starts at the “bottom of the barrel”…. the bottom of an oil barrel. After petroleum is processed into diesel, gasoline, motor oil, kerosene, and other fuels, the waste that has been rejected by the gasoline industry is then whitened with industrial strength bleach, a few other ingredients are added, and then you have the very wax that is burning inside your homes. The soot created by paraffin wax contains the same toxins found in diesel fuel. Paraffin wax is TOXIC. 


Instead, GIVE THE GIFT of health with an avaCANDLE made with organic coconut wax & organic beeswax, pure essential oils and natural cotton wicks with a 45-50 hour burn time.

You can choose from FOUR different avaCANDLE scents: chai tea, lavender, lemongrass and peppermint. 

Some Things You Should Know:

1.) If you’re interested in learning more about Ava’s health message, you can contact Amanda through her Ava Facebook Page.

2.) If you want to buy some Ava products for yourself (or for gifts), check out the Ava Holiday Gift Guide. Amanda is donating her ENTIRE commission (30% of sales) from now through 11/05 to our family’s ministry here in Cambodia (wowza, friend!). (party #98463)

jace3.) If you and some friends would like to get together for a party and hear more about Ava’s health message (and you live in the Midwest), Amanda is willing to travel and host an avaHOUR in person in your home. (she says she’ll love any friend of mine, and I know you’ll love her too!) It’s a great way to earn FREE & discounted products. 

4.) It’s really easy to become an Ava Consultant. (Amanda says there are still many states that need more consultants to share the message. Just $99 to launch. This is the perfect time to join the avaMISSION.)

So, if you want to take a baby step, just buy something small to get started. You get a free boo-boo stick with a $95 purchase (thanks, cutie Jace, for modeling it for us!) (and thanks in advance, friends, for your purchase that helps our fam!). If you want to take a little bit bigger step, host an avaHOUR. And a GREAT BIG STEP, look into becoming a consultant.

To enter to win a FREE Ava product (up to $24.99),

Just browse the Ava Holiday Gift Guide and tell me your favorite product. 

For a bonus entry, join Amanda’s Ava Anderson page on Facebook.

That’s it! See you back here tomorrow for another give-away!

25 thoughts on “non-toxic awesomeness {36/40}

  1. valerie

    Would love to be able to buy all toxin-free products for my home. Would really like to try the avaSkin line for my daughter!

  2. Gwen S.

    I don’t have any of the products yet, but have wanted to try some. It would be great to try any of these: Hand/Body Lotion; Hand Soap; Lip Balm; facial cleanser; moisturizing mask, deodorant

  3. Sharon

    I’d love to try the body butter. And, THANK YOU for the blurb about how harmful regular candles are. My husband has been adamant about not using candles in our home and I thought he was being ridiculous. Apparently not! I don’t know his full reasoning on that stance, but I’m going to send him what Amanda said. Thank you!

  4. Amanda Buss

    Since we have a new puppy, the pet deodorizer skins good to me! Very interested in the candles too! Ava products are new to me!

  5. Aidan

    Chai Tea is amazing, and I can’t believe someone finally made a candle out of it! I would love to have one of those to burn in my office.

  6. Jamie

    I’m always looking for great, non-toxic products to use in my home and on my family. The kids’ monster spray is too cute! I would love one of those candles, too! 😉 Going to have to learn more about this company – it sounds right up my alley!

  7. Mary Kate

    We are working to get the toxins out of our house, too! And first I want them off my babies! My favorite would be the Ave Kids body wash & shampoo.

  8. Ruth C

    I really want to try these! My favorite product (for now) would be the 30 spf sunblock.

    I also requested to join her Facebook page.


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