more freedom! {17/40}

fancyHappy 17th Day of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

(Ava looked at me yesterday and said, “Wait? You’re only on day SIXTEEN???”)

This series has been a lot of work, yes, but SO MUCH FUN. Fun giving stuff. Fun introducing you to people. Fun connecting folks with common passions.

Love it.

Today we’re giving away TWO beautiful necklaces.

My friend, Krysten, is so stinking generous. If you’ll recall, she’s the Fancy Freedom gal from Day 3 who gave away a gorgeous leather cuff. And in a couple weeks, she’s giving away something that’s not jewelry. And closer to my birthday, she’s giving away a piece she designed specifically in honor of me (what in the heck awesome?).

english wordsAnd, because I’ve already told you all about her and her amazingness, she’s also saving me a lot of time and energy today. Bless you, friend.

(I have been super busy going to online book parties–well, just one–and choosing FREE books for the Hard Places Community so these precious at-risk kiddos can have SO MUCH FUN learning how to read and growing in knowledge. We got $200 in FREE BOOKS! AND the opportunity to buy $500 in additional books for just $250! People have given $90 so far. I would LOVE for more people to donate, so I can take advantage of the whole $250. There’s also tax/shipping. Let me know if you’d like to help!! There’s a free elephant charm bracelet in it for you!)

welcomeBack to Krysten. This bracelet isn’t part of the give-away today, but I want to tell you about it anyway, because I LOVE THE WHOLE THING OF IT. Krysten designed this “Welcome” bracelet specifically to say to Syrian refugees (and all refugees) that they are welcome in the U.S.

That we believe God when he says that we are to welcome and take care of the foreigner (the Bible is FULL of verses about this).

ALL the proceeds from the purchase of this bracelet go to World Relief, an organization that helps resettle refugees (we worked with them at Abbey Lane back in Ohio–such good people!). So, she’s still giving her $ away for freedom, just a slightly different kind in this case.

seek peaceSo great. Buy one HERE.

Today Krysten is giving BOTH of these necklaces away because she’s just that awesome. She says they remind her of me.

The “work while you wish” one because of the three long years we spent longing for Cambodia, not knowing if/when we’d get back here, but doing what we could (The Dancing Elephant!) to support the work here while we lived in the States.

And the second one because I love peace & reconciliation & helping people who are different love & respect each other & get along.

To be entered to win ONE of the necklaces, tell me which one you like best (work while you wish OR seek peace) and WHY. 

Also, get yourself over to Krysten’s Fancy Freedom Etsy shop and start thinking about all the people you want to purchase jewelry-with-a-purpose for. Best Christmas gift ever!

See you back here tomorrow!

17 thoughts on “more freedom! {17/40}

  1. Amanda Buss

    Seek peace….I’m so tired of all of the divisiveness in the church today. I just want peace and Grace and compassion…

  2. Emily Mowery

    Seek peace.
    Studying Ephesians right now and I’m longing for peace and unity in the global church toward love and justice for all.

  3. Kristin Perry

    The “Seek Peace” necklace is weirdly resonant to me right now. Remember when I sat in your home in Phnom Penh this summer and told you and Gabe that the reason I had quit my job and decided to circumnavigate the globe was because I was in search of meaningful work to give my life to? Well, I have officially landed on an answer. I send in my application TOMORROW for a year-long volunteer position at the Corrymeela Community (a peace and reconciliation center in Northern Ireland), and after that I hope to head to school for a masters in Peace & Justice Studies / Conflict Transformation. A previous Corrymeela volunteer actually works for a peace center in Cambodia! Think of the possibilities. 🙂 🙂 Wish me luck on this new endeavor and send your prayers in with my application tomorrow, too!


  4. Stacie Ellinger

    I love the seek peace one. It is such a gentle reminder of what should be lacing all our conversations with people, and boy do I need that reminder sometimes :).Plus walking along the beach near our house used to be the way I relaxed and sought peace but there is a distinct lack of beach in Phnom Penh 😉

  5. Christy

    Wish while you work is so applicable to Brian and I as we both work so hard on our businesses, dreaming of an amazing future for our family and an ability to bless others abundantly.

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