mamas & babies!! {30/40}

tara-examOh my gosh, guys.

Time got away from me today, and I didn’t get a give-away post ready. And then my website was down, and I couldn’t anyway.

And then I just read this post from Glennon at Momastery about my friend Tara in Haiti (whom I love, love, love), and I just really really really want you to read it.

And give $5 (or more if you can) to help more mamas in Haiti safely give birth to their babies.

Please read this, share this. Let’s get this new maternity center wing built!!!

I’m going to start us off with a $40 donation in honor of my 40th. Join me??

5 thoughts on “mamas & babies!! {30/40}

  1. Kristin Perry

    Joining with you, matching your donation in honor of your 40th. <3 It's crazy to realize that, even in a space where I am unemployed and have an uncertain future, if I'm really, TRULY honest… I still have plenty to give. We are people of immense, unfathomable privilege; it's time to start building that bigger table with our abundance. Thank you for your big heart, and this call to action.

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      You are so awesome!!! I’ll be honest. I’ve been kind of proud of myself lately for not worrying about money so much, yet, when I clicked send on my donation, I freaked a little. What have I done?? What if we run out of money?? (Deep breath. Thanks for the reminder and solidarity. And the birthday love!!) xoxoxoxo

      1. Kristin Perry

        Haha. I ALWAYS worry about money. It’s consistently one of the hardest trust-spaces for me. I’m with you, girl. That said… your bravery and selflessness is so inspiring! Don’t underestimate the progress you’ve already made, or the fact you are making intentional choices to live faithfully despite your fear. People on the other side of the world (like me!) continue to learn so much from you. xoxo!

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