i love a good disclaimer.

I was afraid of this. Lots and lots of compliments showered on me because I’m GIVING things away on my own birthday.

“You’re so selfless.” “You’re so generous.”

(Thank you.)

These kind words are half-true.

Generous? Yes. Because 1.) it is FUN and 2.) people are freaking generous to me. It would be criminal not to be generous myself.

Selfless? Oh my gosh. Every day I battle selfishness. Self-absorption. Some days it’s borderline self-obsession. How does one EVER become truly selfless?


And this 40 Days of Birthday Gifts is 75% PARTY and 25% TEST.

“Marla, you said this time you’re reeeeeally going to trust me (God) to meet your every need. I see that hidden, lurking fear. Those nervous thoughts–‘If I give too much, will I have enough? If I give away $ people give me, will they shake their head and not give me any more?’ Let’s put your faith to the test.”

It’s a deal.

Okay, enough humility.

I am actually pretty awesome. And YOU are pretty awesome.


p.s. I’m still looking for fun things to give away! Seriously, no idea is too crazy! (I may not go for it, but it’s worth a try!) Have a favorite book and want to give away a new copy? Or a favorite album or song? Want to give $10 to someone who comes up with the coolest way to use it? Want to give a gift card to somewhere fun? You don’t have to be a painter or crafter or writer to give something away!

p.p.s. Getting a jumpstart on one of our giving days. If you’d be interested in an online (Facebook) Usborne Book Party that my sister, Bethany, is hosting, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add you to the invite list. We have 16 right now and need at least 25. And would LOVE 50!

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