homemade face scrub! {35/40}

Hey there, friends! Back on the birthday wagon, giving stuff away!

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but I did yesterday. Going to keep that give-away open another day, because this book is AWESOME, and I don’t want you to miss it.

What You Can Expect the Rest of the Week:

Sunday: Different is Awesome! book + free ebook for everyone.

Monday: homemade face scrub!

Tuesday: a really scrumptious Ava Candle.

Wednesday: wearable art.

Thursday: official release of my new e-book!! + give-away in celebration of Gabe’s life (4 year anniversary of his heart attack)

Friday: to be announced.

Saturday: MY 40th BIRTHDAY!
richshallaToday I’d like you to welcome my dear friend, Shalla, to the blog. Not only is she my friend, but she’s my pastor’s wife, and she came to visit us in CAMBODIA this summer AND she’s incredibly talented and stylish and awesome and kind.

Say hello to Shalla!! She’s going to tell us a little bit about herself and what she’s giving away!

Hello!! (says Shalla) I am a mom to four beautiful littles that keep me on my knees and a wife to one lovely man who supports my passions and dreams!

asiashopeSeveral years ago I decided to transition into the organic world for various reasons. One being to live more simply and purely. I wanted a fridge and pantry without all the nasty “junk,” household ingredients that were healthy to actually use, and a home without all the “stuff.”

This has been a loooong transition, people! I am still a work in progress and we still eat Oreos.

A few years ago I started making a few things from scratch and, before I knew it, I was getting lots of orders from friends and family! I started making an amazing smelling deodorant and a blissful face Wash! They are available on my very tiny etsy page.

nesteggThat crazy hubby of mine is also the reason I started flipping furniture! This year, our fourth child started kindergarten and, for the first time in ten years, I am ALONE during the day. Unheard of, I know!

I absolutely love uncovering the beauty from an old piece. I have lots of clients that have a piece of furniture passed down to them by someone very special to them and want it updated to fit their style. I love this!

When I find a gorgeous piece that has been beaten up and broken, I often think of myself, of God’s children, His kingdom here on earth. He reminds me every single day that He restores me, us, YOU! He takes what is broken and makes us new and makes us beautiful. You were always beauty in his eyes.

facewashhMy ultimate desire is to one day have a small boutique/storefront in the city, ya know the ones with an apartment on top to employ and teach ladies that have been trafficked or struggle to find their identity and purpose.

So that’s me, my labor of love, and my big dream!

Here’s what you do to win your choice of either homemade face scrub or homemade deodorant ($38 value!):

1.) Check out Shalla’s new Nestegg page on Facebook. (you can “like” it or not–up to you!)

2.) Tell me which you’d rather have: face scrub or deodorant.

Optional question: 

3.) What is one thing you’d like to see made new? (it doesn’t have to be furniture… a relationship… anything)

If you live anywhere near Columbus, OH, and have a piece of furniture you’d like made pretty, Shalla does AMAZING work (pics on her facebook page).

Thanks for sharing with us, Shalla! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

(Don’t forget to enter to win the AWESOME kids’ book from yesterday!)

13 thoughts on “homemade face scrub! {35/40}

  1. Tonya Logan

    I liked Shalla’s page and love all of her beautiful work. She’s so gifted and wish I lived in Columbus because I want a beautiful vanity for my room.
    I’d love to try the deodorant. I would the several family relationships made new.

  2. Carissa

    I’ve never tried homemade face-scrub, but I’d like to try one of Shalla’s!

    I’d like to see one of my favorite paperback collections of poetry newly re-made into an expertly bound hard cover. The subject matter and expert writing seem to deserve more permanent and beautiful dressings.

  3. Emily M

    I didn’t know that Shalla was doing all of this – amazing! I can’t wait to see more on the new page. I’d love to try either one, really, how about deodorant? And in our bedroom we have my husband’s grandmother’s dressers. They have sentimental value but it would be amazing to give them a new look someday.

  4. Grace

    I love those blue little tables. Colorful furniture is so fun!

    Deodorant! I’d love one that is natural but works.

    And I’d love to connect with Shalla if she’s interested in working with trafficking survivors one day. I have a few in mind who would be so good at that type of work!

  5. Sharon

    I’d love the face scrub. Hmm, I can’t think of something to be made new right now. And, I don’t live close enough to have Shalla do it, anyways.

  6. Rebecca

    I love trying new things so either one is great. I may have to check into the furniture. I have an old vanity in my garage I’ve been meaning to redo. Columbus is only an hour away so it could be a possibility.

  7. Shannon

    I love homemade deodorant but I been stuck on my store bought face scrub; I’d love to give the scrub a try!

    And I recently traded babysitting with my neighbor for her to re-do a dresser in the kids’ bedroom. <3 It seemed labor intensive to me but it was a labor of love for her. What a beautiful way to express your creative side!

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