gabe’s photography! {28/40}

Sun setting on KepWelcome Back to our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

(which should now technically be called 33 days of birthday gifts since I took a week off, but whatever)

It was a pretty great week off.

And by great, I mean relaxing and exhausting and fun and amazing and hard and good. It involved much laughter, many tears, and a lot of thankfulness to God for what he’s done and what he’s doing.

sunsetbakhengI’ll be sharing more about it in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, let’s get back to GIVING STUFF AWAY!

Today’s give-away is pretty near and dear to my heart, because it not only involves the love of my life, but it involves him doing something he loves in a country we love.

And it wasn’t so very long ago that he was so anxious and depressed that he wanted nothing to do with 1.) his camera or 2.) Cambodia.

thelittlecattleherderSo these photos? Aren’t just beautiful to me.


One of my all-time favorite quotes is this gem by Frederich Buechner:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

barbergetsabreakThat’s what I see when I look at these photos.

Back in 2012, I read a book called A Certain Risk (I blogged about it here). I devoured it. It sang to my hurting, hungry soul.

A few months ago, I read it again. And tears came to my eyes several times, because all the underlining and writing I had done three years before screamed, “Gabe! God, I want this for Gabe! I want him to be released from his chains and set free to dream and run and create!”

stormAnd God took waaay longer than I wanted to answer those prayers, but answer them he did.

Holy cow he did.

I’m putting the finishing touches on an e-book this week. It encompasses the two hardest years of our lives and is titled simply The Storm.

And ^ this picture ^ will be the cover.

Perfect spot for a smokeAnd I have so much to say and so much praise to give to God, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few poignant quotes from A Certain Risk.

“This book is centered in the awakening of faith, when the chains and barriers that paralyze a person are broken and that person rises up in response to the Spirit of God and is set free to breathe God’s life into our world. It’s what I call ‘faith on the edge.'” (15)

sunsetkohrongsamloem“Our days are filled with hidden opportunities to play on the edge, where God’s grace touches the world’s face. Edges are scary, but they are where change happens. Let’s discover together the art of triangulation–listening to God, responding to his voice, and worshiping him through our creative responses to the world around us.” (45)

Happy New Year in Phnom Penh“By nature, the artist is called by God to create, cultivate, and lead human cultures. Through storytelling and imagery, he or she is meant to articulate and clarify transcendent truth in ways that lift humanity closer to the dreams God has always had for his creation.

The artist is gifted with the ability to interpret events, inspire hope in moments of despair, confront hypocrisy, expose the systems and power structures that enslave humanity, and unveil existent meanings and purposes intrinsic in all reality.” (86)

floatingthroughtakhmaoGabe recently opened a Photo Store where you can buy these images (and tons more) as prints, canvasses, puzzles, all kinds of cool stuff. We’re hoping his photography will eventually provide the funds we need for things like ministry opportunities & camera equipment & plane tickets for visits back to the U.S.

We know the prices are kind of high for the average joe, so Gabe also offers digital downloads of all the photos for $8 each. You buy the digital file and can get photos printed wherever/however you want (Target, Walgreens, Snapfish, whatever) and hopefully save yourself lots of money. (and we get 100% of the profits instead of sharing them with SmugMug)

Sunset on the Tonle SapToday, Gabe is giving away TWO digital downloads to THREE lucky people.

All you need to do is:

1.) Like his new Facebook page.

2.) Look around his SmugMug store and pick your two favorite photos (and leave a comment telling me what they are).

And for a BONUS ENTRY:

Grey is goodShare this post on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out online. 

And hey, why not ONE MORE BONUS ENTRY?

Tell me a creative way you’d use one of these digital downloads to get a gift made (or make it yourself) for someone special.

(Make sure you leave a separate comment for each one. Wanna know my secret to this random drawing? I check how many comments there are, then ask Nina to pick 3 numbers between 1 and whatever, and those are the winners.)

Star searchAnd, if you’d like to buy any digital downloads, just go to his SmugMug site, click on the photo you like, click “buy” in the bottom right corner, click “downloads” and there you go!

See you back here tomorrow for another fun give-away!

25 thoughts on “gabe’s photography! {28/40}

  1. Jen C.

    I’m not sure I could just pick two favorites because I love so many of them. I really like the ones that include water/ocean and sun.

  2. Heather Featheringham

    I had already liked Gabe’s page prior to contest. Keep photos coming! Just gorgeous! Also Marla, will you ask Gabe if he sent postcard to my friend for school project? Talked to him about it while back. Thanks!

  3. Heather Featheringham

    All beautiful but guess doing sunset at lazy beach and sunset between storms. I want to win because want to do a collage of Gabe’s photos on my living room wall. Love them!

  4. Cheryl H

    I would love to submit Gabe’s art to Shalam staff to be considered for making large prints to decorate the cottages we gift to trauma survivors after they are built.

  5. Cheryl H

    I love “The Storm”, but I looked everywhere on smugmug and couldn’t find it, so if that one is not available, I like “under the milky way” and “an excellent cast”

  6. Rebecca

    I just am in awe of Gabe’s photos. Such beauty! My favorite would have to be star search(I think that’s what it was). Next would be the old train car. All of them are wonderful!
    And I would have star search printed out for my son’s. They love stars and the night sky. And that looks like the guy is holding a giant light saber. They would love that too!

  7. Nancy

    So hard to choose!! But my absolute favorite is the barber (he’s a barber, right?). It’s so Norman Rockwell-ish! (And I can never remember Norman’s name and I have to do a Google search each time I want to say it!!) I think I’d choose that first sunshiney one with the boat as my second pick. They are all so stunning! I think they’d be great on coffee mugs. Photo mugs are my favorite.

  8. Grace

    All of Gabe’s photos are amazing! I especially like Sun setting on Kep, Sunset on the Tonle Sap, and the Barber gets a break. Oh, and Window to the white building. Does he have photography from here in Columbus as well?

    If I were to win a digital image, I’d get it printed and finished to hang in our house for my sweet husband. He worked hard hanging our artwork plus a bunch of empty frames all over the house when we moved in. A year later, between both our crazy jobs and a new baby, those frames are still empty. He would be beyond excited if I surprised him with some gorgeous photos.

  9. Jan

    Like, shared and I would love to put the water fall and/or the building with water in it up at work.
    I work at children services and both pictures just remind me of God’s promises and no matter what we deal with today he’s with us all the way.

  10. Amanda Buss

    I would love to give a gift to a young girl who is preparing to come to Cambodia and Thailand. She has such a heart for people!

  11. Amanda Buss

    Gabe’s photos tell amazing stories. I love beautiful and lonely, and fishing at sunset! And I really love the monk and the butterfly, and grey is beautiful!

  12. Rebekah Stupakewicz

    I honestly love so many and ice looked at them before trying to figure out where to hang them in our house…
    My son likes Star Search. 🙂

  13. Alicia

    I love all of Gabe’s photography! He has such a gift for capturing the beauty of God’s creation (both people and nature). 🙂
    I really like to paint and I’m getting quasi-good at it, so in choosing favorites I picked the two that I would try to recreate. That left out all of the pictures with people, because I have zero skill there. So, I chose Sunset Over Lazy Beach and Under the Milky Way. Also, I love sunsets and I love trees, so that helped seal the deal.

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