dream cream! {1/40}

Hello, darling people! Welcome to the Only Annual 40 Days of Birthday Gifts Bash!!

(You can’t really have an Only Annual, can you? I don’t care. BIRTHDAY GIRL MAKES THE RULES.)

If you’re not sure what I am even saying, click here. And here for a disclaimer. (I’m the Queen of Disclaimers.)

Speaking of rules & disclaimers, I just thought of one right now.

NEW RULE: I was going to make a rule that you couldn’t win two days in a row, but I changed my mind. YOU CAN WIN ANY DAY ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOREVER. (well, up through October 31) 

Also, DISCLAIMER #2: I’ve decided not to post on Sundays, but I want to keep the giving going, so those days we will call Give Praise to Jesus Days. Cool?

Here we goooooooooo! (that’s go, not goo)

dream creamMy dear friend, Amanda Epting (AE) is starting off our 40 Days of Birthday gifts by giving away some Ava Anderson non-toxic Dream Cream! (this stuff is amazing)

I have two friends named Amanda who have recently started selling Ava Anderson (AA), and the other Amanda (I’ll be sharing Amanda Pride–AP–with you in a few weeks) sent me some Dream Cream with Rich & Shalla when they came to visit last month. I fell in love.

I’ll be honest. A lot of sweet people approached me about doing direct sales give-aways, and I turned a lot of them down. 1.) because I didn’t want this whole 40 days to be direct sales and 2.) I only wanted to give away things I know and love.

And I love Ava Anderson’s Dream Cream.

I was chatting with AE the other day about AA and she said, “Never in a million years would I have thought I would do something like this.” She told me how she would see people making their own deodorant and laundry detergent and think they were just trying to save money.eptings old

“But through Ava Anderson I have actually learned that many of our everyday products (from shampoo, lotion, soap, household cleaners) contain harmful ingredients to our health. And these ingredients get absorbed through our skin into our blood stream. Some of the chemicals that are allowed in our everyday products contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors. And I have also that only 10% of cancer is genetic, and 90% is caused by environmental factors.”

She told me about Europe banning more than 1,370 toxic chemicals from their personal care products and the U.S. only bans 11. (shakes my head)

eptings new“This is crazy to me!” she said. “I am angry that our country allows these ingredients into our products and they are able to make them in more healthy ways as they do so when they export them to Europe. So, I truly feel like this is a justice message and a message of wholeness.”

Amanda’s passion for justice–particularly for refugees–is one of the many reasons we’re such good friends.

“We are now on a journey of reading every product label in our home (just as we do for food), and I have found out that the lotion and body wash doctors recommended for us to use for Silas [her-almost-four-year-old son–and my birthday buddy!!] actually contain carcinogens.  And I was lathering him with the lotion 4x/day!amanda abbey lane

Let me just tell you a little bit about this Silas guy. For many, many months the girls and I would babysit Silas and his little brother Samuel every Tuesday morning for three hours while big brother Simeon was at preschool. Oh, we love him.

Every morning, before we got him dressed, we’d slather him with cream. His skin was so, so dry and so, so itchy. And he has so many food allergies, so finding foods he loved was such a challenge for Amanda (and Silas is an EATER). We are soooooo happy that his mama has found something that is helping him feel better!

(p.s. The dressed-up family pic is one Gabe took almost three years ago. Aaron is holding Silas in the vest. The canoeing photo is more recent.)

ava sprayer“I’m so excited to have found the Ava Dream Cream that helps brings healing to his skin, ” Amanda told me. “He’s not allergic to it, and it’s not harmful to his overall long-term health. This is why I have become passionate about this company. As we have been on a healthy journey for a while I never spent much time thinking about what goes on the outside of our bodies.

But now that I have learned the impact of those things I want to help make a change. And I want to empower people to be on the same journey to figure out how to best care for their families.”

Anybody else on a journey to figure out how to best care for their families or even just yourself??

Living the healthiest version of yourself really is a journey. It’s so hard to do it all well all the time. There’s so much to learn, so much to buy, so much to change.ava baby lotion


But, if you need a place to start, or a next step, I highly recommend Ava Anderson.

For you. For your family. For the next bridal or baby shower you are forced to attend. For STOCKING STUFFERS. For a just-wanted-to-say-I-like-you-a-lot gift for a friend.

Ava has stuff for your face, your body, your teeth, your home, your car, your yard, your kids, your baby, your pet. Pretty much your EVERYTHING.

Here’s what you need to do to be entered to win a 6-ounce tube (bigger than it sounds!) of Dream Cream:

me & silas1. Go to Amanda’s Ava site & look around.

2. Come back here and leave a comment about a need you have that an Ava Anderson product would meet.



3. If you’d like, place an order with Amanda by 10pm EST on Wednesday, September 23. (Enter Party # 95795)

Amanda gets a bonus incentive if she sells $300 by Wednesday night. If we help her make her goal, she’s going to give away a SECOND item of your choice! (up to $15 value)

And if you order $95 or more, you automatically get a free product! (from Ava, not Amanda)

(If you have any questions, leave a comment, and Amanda or I will answer them as soon as we can.)

Happy Winning and Getting Healthy!! See you back here tomorrow with more good stuff! (hint: pretty colors!) (and I’ll announce today’s winner on tomorrow’s post!)

EDIT: Cheryl is our lucky winner of the Dream Cream! For the rest of you, it’s not too late to place an order with Amanda!


39 thoughts on “dream cream! {1/40}

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  2. Amanda Epting

    Congrats to Cheryl! And I only need $100 in orders today to reach my goal of $300 by tonight. So if you decide to order something today and I make it to this goal, you can still win a free product from me! (I am thinking eye cream!)

  3. Tina Evans

    So, yeah. Pretty sure I need it all! 😀 I’ve been concerned since my daughter was born (9 years ago, you’d think I’d have made a change before now.) about what we put on our bodies, use in our homes, use around our yards, and how that affects us and our animals. I’m currently studying herbalism. And one of the things I’ve thought about doing is making my own care products. But, this is perfect!!! Thanks for introducing us to this. ☺

    1. Amanda Epting

      Tina, I would love to talk to you more about this if you are interested! I am very passionate about making things as well (although I have a 3 ingredient limit as I am not a huge “maker”). But I just want people to use whole and natural ingredients in their products and want to make it possible for all. So, I am a big fan of figuring out what you can make and what you want to buy. Send me an email if you want to “chat” more! amandacepting@gmail.com

  4. KC

    I would like to try the deodorant. My pre-teen daughter has asked to start using deodorant and that has motivated me to try to find a brand without the harmful chemicals. I know I should have been just as concerned for my own health as I am for hers, but sometimes it take a little extra motivation to make a change.

  5. Wendy M

    I’d love to try the deodorant. Ever since being diagnosed with breast cancer in May, I’ve cringed every time I put on my deodorant, knowing there are things in there that could have caused it. I need to switch to something else and would love to try Ava’s.

    1. Amanda Epting

      Wendy, thanks so much for sharing this. My first natural deodorant was the Ava Anderson one, and once I learned how to use it right, I have loved it. It has a peppermint smell that is really fun and refreshing.

        1. Amanda Epting

          Oh good question! I was just using too much at first. And it contains baking soda which can irritate the skin if you use too much. There is actually a super helpful direction sheet that goes with it. So, once I started using less at each application it has been great!

  6. Amanda Epting

    This is also a great day to order as any orders that are placed today get entered into a drawing to WIN a $100 shopping spree through the Ava Anderson home office! Party number: 95795 at check-out.
    So, in summary, if you order today, you could be entered to win the $100 shopping spree and to win an extra free product from me! And you also might win the Dream Cream just by posting here. This is pretty amazing! So, this might be a good day to try the products you are interested in. And I can give you more info about them as well!

  7. Sharon

    I could use the lip balm with sun protection. I didn’t used to be out in the sun much (well, other than as a kid) but now walk my daughter to/from school each day and usually have to sit out in the sun to wait to pick her up (no shady trees around 🙁 This would be perfect for me and my dry lips.

  8. Laura

    I’d go with (all of them) the dog shampoo/conditioner, because my dog is an itchy mess, and would appreciate a good bath with some quality stuff. 🙂

  9. Nancy

    I’ve been looking for a non-toxic candle that smells good. I wish the internet had a scratch and sniff option! The Chai Tea scent is intriguing.

  10. Katie

    Wow! I can’t believe the array of products! I have been struggling with all kinds of products since we have been back in the States! My hair feels gross, my lotions are too smelly, even my teeth are struggling with all of the extra junk… Peyton and I both have eczema, so if there was one place I would choose to start, it would either be buying a good body wash or a good lotion. Probably body wash for her because she doesn’t use much lotion (even though she likes to) and lotion for me (because I can’t go without it). The hard part is convincing the hubs that these products are worth the money… my biggest hesitancy for purchasing.

      1. Amanda Epting

        Katy, I totally understand this! I can definitely send you some more info on reading labels and some research on chemicals in our everyday products and their effects. Also, I am all about saving money as well, so I am also trying to figure out what products can I make and what can I buy. I could share some of that info with you as well if you are interested. My email is amandacepting@gmail.com if you want to reach out!

  11. Rebekah Stupakewicz

    We actually already use Dream cream I love it for my psoriasis and eczema for my son. We use the diaper cream too for breakouts.

  12. Jen H.

    Well, I have three fair skinned little boys who love being outside and we live on the surface of the sun. Also known as Phoenix, Arizona. So the non toxic sunscreen would be pretty useful.

  13. Kim

    I am SO glad people are finding alternative solutions to the many toxins in this world. Such a mistake to be slathering garbage steroids and such on problem skin! My hypothyroid hubby is suffering from a skin issue that I would love to try this cream on. We need to do an elimination diet to find the root cause but that has to wait until the next missions trip is over (building a house in Mexico next month)…..you kind of have to eat what they feed you!

    Thanks for getting the word out about this good company….I will let others know about it as well.

  14. Stacy

    We need to invest in the Ava garden products. We love keeping our fresh veggies growing strong, clean and safe, with as few chemicals as possible.

  15. Jessica

    Woohoo! Love my ava anderson!! Love my Amanda avaSISTERS! Love that dream cream – my little ones eczema was completely healed from using it with the baby wash! And I finally found cosmetics (specifically mascara & eye liner) that I can use without getting itchy and having all my eye lashes fall out! Switching to the avaHAIR line, my hubby’s chronic dandruff is gone! And the coveted avaSKIN line has allowed me to say bye bye to cystic acne forever! Thanks for highlighting such an important health message!!! Knowledge is power and we have the power to live in a place of disease prevention. Thanks!!

    **please do not enter me into the drawing since my home is fully stocked already 😉 **

  16. Bethany Hagerman

    We love Ava Anderson Products! We use the Dream Cream and love the kids products. We always have a need for the kids body wash/ shampoo- we go through it like crazy 😉

  17. Lisa Basner

    I LOVE Ava Anderson! I actually use Dream Cream as it is one of the few natural body lotions that are not made with sunflower oil – I am very allergic to sunflower oil (I break out in hives…..all over – not fun)!! I would love to try their hand soap too.

  18. Cheryl

    I was recently introduced to Ava products and really like both the deodorant stick and the bug spray. I get super itchy eyes when I wear makeup so I’d love to try the natural mascara since most mascara has really nasty stuff in it and I’d love to get the dream cream because my legs get really dry in the winter. 🙂

  19. Amanda Epting

    Thanks Marla! And I just wanted to add one thing about this story…Silas’ battle with eczema still continues as he has allergies and his skin reacts to those allergies. But I am so glad I have found a natural product to use that does not land us in Urgent Care (true story!) and that actually brings healing to his wounds. We also use this in conjunction with the Ava Anderson Boo-Boo stick on places where he has scratched. And we use an overall coconut oil as well as a balm. So, it is still a process and a journey, but I am grateful to be able to use this safe and healing lotion for him. And he has also declares after using it, “I smell so good!” And he is right. 🙂

  20. Angie

    I would use the eye cream because, let’s face it (no pun intended) ;o) after a day of being at work and keeping two pre-teen girls alive, I seriously need sleep. I go to bed and don’t sleep (too much going on in this brain). I wake up, and the bags under my eyes remind me I’m not 20 anymore!
    Happy (soon to be not 20 anymore either) Birthday, my dear friend!! LOVE YOU!

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