coffee! {9/40}

coffee beansWelcome to Day 9 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts! And the LAST DAY of September?! What on earth??

So, apparently, it was NATIONAL COFFEE DAY in America yesterday (to my knowledge, Cambodia did not partake), so I’m a little late to the party.

But today is FREE COFFEE DAY on my blog! Yay!

(EDIT: Apparently, tomorrow, October 1 is INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY. Late, early, whatever. FREE COFFEE.)

Whenever possible, I LOVE buying coffee from small businesses/ministries who support coffee growers around the world. Sure, it costs more, but you are buying things like sustainable income & a better way of life for someone who desperately needs it.foote family

And I’m all about partnership & connection & people on one side of the globe in mutually-beneficial relationships with people on the other side.


Speaking of the other side of the globe (from me, not you), meet my friend Marie Foote. For the past couple years, she and her family have been in Costa Rica helping start a coffee business.

cool graphicBut this isn’t just any coffee business. It’s Business As Missions (BAM). And they’re helping Costa Rican missions leaders establish a coffee business as the platform to train and equip Latino missionaries.

And these missionaries are taking that knowledge and starting businesses–and sharing Jesus–in some of the hardest-to-reach countries (Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu) in the world.

Isn’t that cool??

In my former life, I thought just Americans were missionaries (cough). We were the ones who went to all the other poor, deprived countries around the world and told them about our Jesus and how they could have him too. (oh, Marla)

I love hearing stories of how God sends people from Costa Rica to be missionaries in Pakistan. How he sends people from Cambodia to be missionaries in India. How he sends missionaries from Germany to be missionaries in

Oh, I love the world.

I could go on and on and on about Santamaria Gourmet Coffee and all the amazing things God is doing through them, but I’ll just encourage you to read about them on their website instead.

Here’s more about their amazing coffee (how/where its grown, etc.)

Here’s the story of how Santamaria Gourmet Coffee got started.

And I LOVE this article that WorldVenture wrote about them (if you’ve got a couple minutes, READ IT).

santamariaThey’re developing exciting partnerships with people in the U.S. so this coffee can be shipped directly to your door!

An 11.5-ounce bag is $15 (or $28 for 2, $40 for 3). 3 bags = 1 kg. You can choose from whole bean/ground. And these flavors:

Diamante Gourmet (medium roast = very smooth)
La Choza (medium roast = has a hint of chocolate flavor)

La Choza (dark roast = deeper flavor)

And they have a fun new way to get your families, friends, and churches involved. You can buy the coffee wholesale from them (in bulk orders of 30 bags at a time) and sell them for a profit!

That’s like win win WIN!

If you love coffee and want to get involved in some way with buying/selling/promoting their coffee, let them know!

Today Marie is giving away ONE FREE BAG of COFFEE to one very lucky winner!

Here’s what you have to do:

1.) Click on one of the links above and spend at least 90 seconds reading about Santamaria.

2.) Leave a comment telling me what kind of coffee you’d like if you win (flavor + whole/ground).

That’s it! See you in October! OCTOBER!

21 thoughts on “coffee! {9/40}

  1. Laura

    Great website! (so much information, i love that!) I would totally try the La Choza DARK coffee. I’ve recently grown a taste for dark coffee full of flavor so that would be the one I’d pick!

  2. Marie Foote, Coffee Missionary

    Oh my goodness!!! Your responses have blown us away! We spent yesterday traveling back and forth between New York and Canada so I didn’t hop on here until just now – INTERNATIONAL Coffee Day, of all days – and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord, to Marla and to all of you who took the time to read and share about what God has given us to do in our small corner of this world. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and just plain online love!
    We’ve been made aware of the fact that our site has deleted your ability to comment on our posts … we have no idea how that happened and we’re working on it! BUT … you are more than welcome to email us at anytime and we will help you in any way we can. What a joy! Thank you, Marla, for sharing your birthday journey with us. Thank you, everyone else, for cheering her on along the way. What an encouragement you have been to our hearts!

  3. Alicia

    Argghhhh! I can’t believe I missed coffee day!! Coffee is my love language!! Anyway, thanks for letting me know about this company! I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica (but the hubs sees no reason to ever step foot off of American soil. Sigh.). Anyway, I would like to try all of the flavors in whole bean. I don’t discriminate, especially when it comes to coffee. 🙂 I didn’t see how we could order – maybe I missed it?

  4. Tina P

    This is fantastic!! I love the idea and I love coffee. Especially dark roasts, so I would love the La Choza dark roast. Thank you for sharing their ministry!

  5. Carissa

    Marla, I have to say, I love what you are doing in this 40 days of give-aways. It’s really exciting to get to read about different ways the Lord is building his church and his witness around the world! I love coffee and I have some connections to Latin American missions (that is, missionaries from Latin American countries), so this story was especially interesting and encouraging to read. I really enjoyed the backstory of Santamaria Coffee and even shared it on Facebook as I know some friends who might like to hear their story as well. So thank you for all the work you are doing in each of these posts. They have been very refreshing each day.

    Oh, and if I win the coffee, I would love to try the Diamante Gourmet whole bean. 🙂

    1. Marie Foote, Coffee Missionary

      Congratulations, Shannon!!! You are officially the FIRST person ever to WIN a bag of our coffee – on the planet! I’m so excited for you to try our coffee for free!
      Please email me your mailing address and phone number when you can so we can get this sent off to you right away. OH, we don’t know which kind of coffee you’d like to try, so let’s chat!
      Blessings on your day today!

  6. Jamie Schwartz

    What a wonderful company. Sounds like they are doing amazing things with their company. The La Choza dark roast sounds wonderful (either ground or whole).

  7. brooke

    reading and coffee are 2 of my favorite things, so reading about coffee isn’t exactly work for me. 😛

    I’d love the La Choza ground. as a matter of fact, I think I’m going to hop over there and buy some.

  8. Alexandra

    I love this. I love that they are teaching others to be independent and earn a living while being Christ to them. I also love. Love. LOVE. coffee because I have an almost 2.5 year old and a one year old. Coffee is my lifeblood and I’m not afraid to admit it. If I win, I’d like the La Choza medium roast, please :-).

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