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And, while I do live in a world where there are Octobers, I do not live in a country where October looks anything like what I’m used to.

But that’s okay.

When I’m tempted to long for colorful leaves and crisp air and cozy bonfires (sigh), I’m going to tell myself that, at the end of that kind of October comes months and months of snow and ice and cold and gray. (brrrrrrr!)

And, at the end of my non-October, I get months (November to February) of gorgeous 80-degree weather.

It’s a fair trade.

ali bookToday’s Give-Away!

I’ve had lots of people offer books & art for me to give away (and I have a few favorite books I want to give away too), so I’ve decided to combine several of them into a book + art giveaways.

Today’s book was written by two pretty amazing people and dear friends of mine, Ali Hooper and Tammy Smith.

It’s called Soulhearted: Daily Truths for the Longing Soul, and it’s a year-long devotional.

“No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, this book provides a way to deepen, encourage, and equip you in your walk with Him. Through everyday examples, Tammy and Ali provide a focus for your heart and soul as you navigate the ordinary (and extraordinary) circumstances of life. Armed with insights about daily spiritual battle, perspectives for persevering, and wisdom from the Bible, you can live more freely and victoriously.”

mike & tammyI haven’t read it yet (I have a copy heading my way!), but I KNOW it will be good.

I’ve read and loved Tammy’s other books (and heard her speak many, many times). This is Dr. Tammy & her equally awesome husband, Pastor Mike, who hung out at our house for a bit back in August on a quick visit to Cambodia (their church–where we used to go–supports an orphan home here).

And while this is Ali’s first published book, I’ve been reading her blog FOREVER, and it is INCREDIBLE.

ali airport(like this post she just wrote about what happens when you pray that God will humble you)

(and I love this post about what it was like to write her first book)

And she’s just one of my dearest friends, and I don’t have the words for how much I adore her–and miss her!

(This pic was taken at the airport this summer when she got back from two weeks in Papua New Guinea. Looooooove how giddy her fam was to have her home.)

Anyway. I know this book is going to bless someone. And, if you don’t win, you can buy it here.

Now, the art!

corinneMy friend, Corinne, who lives here in Phnom Penh (this pic was clearly not taken in Cambodia, but NEW ZEALAND, where Corinne is from), has graciously donated three digital prints for me to give away (beats me trying to get prints from Cambodia all the way to you!).

She’s a CRAZY-TALENTED photographer who dabbles in graphic design for fun.

These prints are part of a typography series on the hymns she grew up hearing her parents sing.

because_he_lives (2)“Because He Lives” is one of her favorites, because “it’s such a motto for me to keep going when things are not looking so rosy. Maybe it will be someone else’s motto too!”

Two years ago, Corinne was a recent university graduate with a promising photography career, and a new job at a prestigious company.

But she couldn’t shake what Jesus said in the gospels about loving your neighbor, not worrying about tomorrow, living the gospel, and caring for orphans and widows.

Abide--“So, I quit my job, took all the money I had saved and told my parents I needed to get out of my comfort zone (which was growing increasingly uncomfortable) to ‘figure it out.’ I was looking for an adventure with Jesus, and an adventure I knew I wouldn’t find in the comforts of a first world country.”

“I made friends with others, who like George Mueller, prayed about everything and expected each prayer to be answered, including the monthly providence to make ends meet. I befriended vibrant young people who lived in the slums but were not crippled by their poverty but served at the church, giving whatever little they had back to anyone younger or hungrier than them.”

Every-knee-“It was out of my safe bubble that I found the Jesus of the Bible who walked among the marginalized. I saw Christ in the friends I made, and I saw how God walked alongside His children, being who He says He is. It became very apparent that there is no place I would rather be than here in Cambodia.”


(Read the whole story here.)

Corinne and I are meeting for coffee next week, and I’m excited to hear what’s next!

To be entered to win ONE copy of Tammy & Ali’s book and downloads of ALL THREE of Corinne’s digital prints, just leave a comment telling me either:

1.) one sentence about what’s on your heart/in your soul right now.


2.) your favorite hymn.

That’s it. See you tomorrow! Thanks for making giving stuff away so much fun!

26 thoughts on “book + art {10/40}

  1. Marie Foote, Coffee Missionary

    Wow – I think Soulhearted is a must-have devotional for me! So glad I’ll have the chance to buy it (if you don’t pick me to win it, hahaha)!

    As for what’s in my heart … I am overwhelmed by how God provides upstream of us BEFORE we even realize our need downstream of Him. This happened to the Israelites in Joshua 3 … the Bible clearly states that at their point of need (to cross the Jordan on dry land), God had already stopped the waters upstream of them, even though they couldn’t see it for a while! This lesson is one I have learned many, many times over the years. Here I am, again, learning to be wowed by God’s constant grace and provision for us, even before we are aware of what for, or how, to ask! And one of my favorite hymns, along these lines is, “Be Still, My Soul (The Lord is on Thy Side)” … just sang it to my daughter last night at bedtime!

  2. Pam

    On my heart – the prayer time at church this past week and to bring my disappointment to Jesus… Also, I love the story about your friend Corienne. I want to be so brave one day! (That was more than one sentence…oops)!

  3. Daniele Kibbey

    What’s on my heart-exactly what Corinne said- finding the Jesus of the Bible….George Mueller….YES! Favorite hymn….there are so many….I do love Be Thou My Vision.

  4. Amanda Pride

    What’s on my heart right now…GRATEFULNESS to Jesus who healed my mom from inoperable, stage IV LUNG cancer that had even spread to her brain! IN AWE and PRAISING HIM!!!!!!

  5. Carissa

    Truly trusting and waiting for the gifts God has promised is hard, but He is teaching me that His timing is as good as the gifts themselves and that I am not alone in the waiting.

    And my favorite hymn is Be Thou My Vision.

  6. Katlyn S

    Lately I’ve been learning that God is so much bigger than what I could ever imagine. I am currently reading “The Shack”, and it is showing me that God is so much more than the little box I like to put Him in.

  7. Tina Evans

    Right now? What’s on my heart and soul? It truly feels like Satan is trying to tear our extended family apart. Divirce, mental issues (memory, possibly dementia), heart (physical) problems and I’m at a point where all I know to do is pray and pray hard and often. Blessings to you Marla for your 40 days of give-aways. I know God will use this to bless so many. Thank you.

  8. Amanda Buss

    My favorite hymn is Be Thou My Vision. My heart right now is saying that i need to find peace in Him, which will bring peace to my home.

  9. Sharon

    My favorite hymn is actually “Because He Lives!” I grew up in a Hymn singing Church and loved going on Sunday nights where they’d do songs as they were requested. My current Church has sung this wonderful song from time to time, too. So glad the download is for all 3 prints because, I would have a hard time choosing between them!

  10. Kim

    Favorite traditional hymn would either be “And Can It Be” or “It is Well With My Soul”. Both are songs we sang in Chapel in college.

  11. Wendy M

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Soulhearted devotional. And so much on my heart and in my soul….as I’ve recently been rescued from the pit by Jesus again and then enjoying life up on the mountaintop with Him, I’ve been pondering a lot, what does it look like practically, in my life, to walk with Him in the every day….not in the pit, not on the mountaintop, but just on an ordinary day in between.

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