babies & scarves {7/40}

 kroma3Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to Day 7 of our 40 Days of Birthday Gifts!

I am NOT actually giving away any babies. That would be problematic for a number of reasons. But I AM giving away some books about them. And some pretty, traditional Cambodian scarves. Yay! (Thank you, Gabe, for all the photos!)

Here’s the scoop. First of all, one of the reasons I quit writing about marriage and babies is because I have sooooo many beautiful, amazing friends whom I love so much and marriage/babies aren’t in their life equation (right now and maybe not ever). And I hate hate hate hate it when people get (or feel) excluded, left out.kroma1

(And this is a topic for another day, but I think we Christians, unfortunately, are sometimes kind of CHAMPS at making people feel excluded & left out in many, many, many ways. Even if we didn’t really mean to do it. Oh, Christian friends, LET’S NOT BE LIKE THIS.)

This week I got some happy news from Simon & Schuster/Howard Books (my publisher) about my book, Expecting (a 40-week devotional). It’s been in print for almost 7 years now without dying (as my other three books did), AND it’s going to paperback! (it’s been in hardcover this whole time) Which means it will hopefully be cheaper (maybe not?) AND, as long as it keeps selling, it will stay in print.

coverexpectingI honestly no longer care about my other traditionally-published books (I’m an ebook girl now), but Expecting is special, because so many of you have donated it to crisis pregnancy centers over the years (THANK YOU), and I’ve gotten lots of really cool emails about how it has touched women’s lives.

So, because it’s not going to be available in hardcover for much longer, I want to give away THREE COPIES of the book today. WITH A CATCH.

Because I don’t want to exclude anyone, you are going to be winning Expecting for SOMEONE ELSE (either a friend OR a crisis pregnancy center near you) and a SCARF for YOU! (since it’s most likely almost-fall where you are–instead of crazy-hot–you can wear the scarf around your neck, not to protect your head from the sun)

kroma2So, here’s what you do for a chance to win one of THREE copies of Expecting AND one of THREE Cambodian scarves:

1.) Share this post somewhere on social media (or you can tell just one person face-to-face).

2.) Leave a comment telling me who you would give Expecting to if you won (a friend or the name of a pregnancy center) AND your favorite color (I will TRY to get you a scarf in that color–no promises–the scarves in the pic are the girls’ not the ones I’m giving away).

kroma4And optional:

3.) Buy a copy of Expecting (they’re 23% off on Amazon right now) for you, for your daughter, for a friend, for a pregnancy center.

I’m hoping the paperback will be great, but the hardcover is pretty special. And THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.

A HUGE thank-you to my friend, Pam, for being so willing to mail these things for me from Ohio. (so just U.S. addresses can win)

Just to be clear, I will randomly draw three winners. Each winner will get a scarf sent to them and a book sent to the person/pregnancy center of their choice. Cool?

See you back here tomorrow for another fun give-away!

18 thoughts on “babies & scarves {7/40}

  1. Tannia France

    I would give this to Alternatives Pregnancy Center here in Denver. They try to convince women who would normally have abortions to consider other alternatives.

  2. Daniel Berman

    I would give a copy of “Expecting” to Elizabeth Renton in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the wife of a good friend of mine and expecting their first. He helped me through a lot, and I helped him during some times when he needed a friend. I may have also given him the final push to ask Elizabeth to marry him.

    A scarf of any color would be great, I would be giving it to Stephanie anyway.

  3. Carissa

    I would love to give the copy of “Expecting” to my sister-in-law, Cambria, who is currently pregnant with twins (my first niece(s) and/or nephew(s)!!). And I love green. Thanks!

  4. Melissa

    I have many pregnant friends right now and I have one in particular in mind who I think could really benefit from this 🙂 I’d love any color of scarf but purple is definitely my favorite.

  5. Cheryl H

    I love the multicolored scarf! and I would give “expecting” to my girlfriend Charis who just found out she’s having a baby in the middle of her Senior year of college. 🙂

      1. Lizabeth

        very own Marshal Ellison awarded the game 5/5 for a whole host of reasons so you should probably go read his review. As for myself, the &#82u0;n2mber 2″ Halo fan ’round these parts, I agree

  6. Amy

    The copy of “Expecting” will go our local crisis pregnancy center, Heartbeats of Licking County. A scarf of any color would be lovely. Blessings to you!

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