40 days of b-day gifts!

So, I have this idea. A fairly ambitious idea. Some might say too ambitious.

I do not even care.

On October 31st of this year, I turn FORTY.

Mom and Dad, I don’t know what to tell you. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A 40-YEAR-OLD. I don’t know how it happened. It seems like just yesterday I was 22. And most days I think of you guys as 40. This must make you something like 64 instead.

What in the heck?

My shock aside, I am actually pretty excited for this little monumental life event. FORTY. Wow.

Traditionally, my birthday is kind of a melancholy day for me (mostly because I’m kind of a melancholy person). But I also like to do fun things. Particularly GIVE THINGS AWAY.

And this year? I’m going to GIVE THINGS AWAY for 40 straight days. (September 22 to October 31)

Which means you all are gonna GET THINGS.

Except we all know giving is better than receiving anyway, right? So, there will be lots of opportunities for you to GIVE while you’re GETTING.

The Opportunities!

I’m going to share some organizations and needs that are near and dear to my heart (and have you share some too!), and we’ll all band together to bless them.

I’m going to share some handmade stuff, photography, art, books, sweet products, & all-around cool things from some talented, deserving people I know, and we’re going to learn more about what they do, support what we like, AND GET FREE STUFF.

I’m going to give away some stuff of my own: 1.) books I’ve written 2.) things I love and 3.) some treasures from Cambodia.

And I’m going to give you some fun challenges. Some giving ideas for you to try (most won’t require much–or any–money) and the chance to report back to the class about your experience.

Basically, in 40 years of life, I’ve discovered that giving = joy. And I want that joy for myself, I want it for you, I want it for the world.

So, What Do You Need to Do?

–First of all, if you have something you’d like to give away on one of the days, let me know. I can’t promise to say yes to everyone, but I would love to hear your idea. (I’m open to direct sales stuff but will be choosing just a handful of them) I will share your business/website/etc with everyone & you will be responsible for getting the winner his/her gift.

–Second of all, come back on September 22 (and each of the 39 days after that if you’d like) to see what kind of giving is going on.

–Three, get ready to leave a comment to be entered into that day’s give-away. Some days there will be one prize (with a random drawing). Some days lots of prizes. Some days, everyone will be a winner. Some days, you’ll need to complete a challenge. Other days, just say, “pick me!”

Any questions? ASK AWAY! Any advice? I’ll take that too! Who’s EXCITED?!?!??!

11 thoughts on “40 days of b-day gifts!

  1. Marie Foote

    Hi Marla, I’m finally settled in on the road – hahaha, what a contradiction! I am about to send you the information on our Costa Rican, Business as Missions coffee business/ministry. My husband and I are gladly giving away coffee to a “winner” friend of yours. What a fabulous idea, lady! Blessings! footetraffic.net/santamaria

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  4. Sharon

    So excited and think this is the best idea EVER! A friend recently turned 40 and was moaning and groaning about it for probably a full month beforehand. This is a much better way to handle it! And so fun!

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