two pipers purging {day 8 of 31}

Okay, so this post is a crock for several reasons. 1.) It’s going to have very little to do with purging. I just don’t want to wait until November to tell the story. 2.) I’m at a camp in Wisconsin, wrapping up a very long, very good day and may be too tired to write coherent things. and 3.) I have no proof that there was more than one Piper purging, but two just sounded better.

I met a very beautiful, articulate, interesting, FABULOUS friend (and her kind, fun, smart husband) in real life for the first time yesterday, and the hour I spent with her on her front porch with the gorgeous sunshine and warm weather and colorful leaves swirling was one of my favorite hours ever. I loved every second of being with her.

The very first time I heard about Molly was four years ago when her beautiful baby girl, Felicity, was born still. I didn’t know Molly, but her story gripped my heart, and I remember praying and praying for this precious mama who lost her daughter. Somehow over the next few years we connected online, but I’m not sure how. I love so many things about Molly. Her transparency, her willingness to talk about Felicity and to help others who are grieving (and those who want to help friends who are grieving), her heart for others, her sense of humor, and on and on and on.

Two years ago maybe, my husband and her husband met for lunch during a conference in Chicago. Gabe liked Abraham very much. “No fair,” I remember saying. “I want to meet Molly!”

Fast forward to a few days ago. Molly said something on Facebook about the weather in Minnesota being extra-warm and beautiful this week and suggested that I pack accordingly. “How did you know I was going to be in Minnesota??!?” I asked her. “A little Gabe-bird told me.”

Well, I’ll be darned. I pulled a couple strings with the sweet gal picking me up from the airport, and we made arrangements to stop at Molly’s on the way to the church.

Oh, goodness, time FLEW. I so wish I could’ve stayed for hours and hours. The four of us (Molly, Abraham, Jen, me) + a man collecting leaves for a science project (??) just sat in the beautiful fall, and I soaked up every single word they said, and thanked Jesus for yet another gift of online-turned-real-life friendship.

p.s. Molly proudly showed me some boxes and bags of purged stuff sitting by the door waiting to be expelled from their charming home. See, I didn’t completely cheat on this post!

Then I got to talk to some amazing women about loving on their husbands (130 registered & 230 showed–wowza!) before heading to Wisconsin this morning to speak to those husbands. One session down, and I think it went well. The guys are super nice and polite, and it’s an honor to be allowed to intrude into their club.

AND I looked on the wall at the camp staff and realize that I know some of them! I didn’t realize this was their camp! It’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning and amazing.

Anyway, thanking God for his blessings tonight and heading to bed. Enjoy the weekend off from purging challenges!

8 thoughts on “two pipers purging {day 8 of 31}

  1. Elizabeth

    Very cool, Marla! And no doubt she was just as excited to meet you. I would have loved to be a little fly buzzing around while you two talked!

  2. Molly

    We had such fun, didn’t we? I hope Jen didn’t feel too left out… :/

    I just had soooo much to talk to *you* about!!!

    That was a blast. Let’s do it again sometime, k?

  3. rene

    Molly Piper has been a HUGE blessing to me and my daughter…her transparency dealing with her loss helped put words to our own hurting hearts…what a blessing to sit and visit.

  4. Jaima

    LOVE your series! I’ve been on a huge purge all year! And somehow it seems like I find new things everyday that I can get rid of! XOXO, your newest follower!

  5. Heather

    We travel from Texas to THAT camp every other year for Family Camp. It is amazing! Just joined your blog through the 31 days of purging.

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