too pooped to purge {day 17 of 31}

We got up early today and headed 90 minutes northwest to Gabe’s parents’ church, New Life International, to support Gabe’s mom as she became a licensed minister/missionary. She leaves for Kenya tomorrow (Monday) for a month (for the third time).

Our trusty rusty mini-van made it about 82 minutes before it went ding, ding, ding, and the engine hot/cool thingy was all the way at H. Hot, hot, hot! We pulled into the nearest parking lot (Kewpie Hamburgers–yum!) and piled out of the van in case it blew up. We called Gabe’s dad (no answer), his mom (no answer), his brother (ding, ding, ding!), and Tug and Angie picked us up in their SUV which seats 8 legally and 10 in a pinch.

We made it to church on time, and Gabe’s uncle, who’s a mechanic and lives in Lima, had our van towed to his shop by the time church was over. Great service, lots of praising and worshiping and loving Jesus. La Charreada for lunch with our rowdy party of 12 (fajita quesadilla!). Then Tug and Ang took all six kiddos while we went home with Rock and Janelle. Janelle loaded up her suitcases for Africa, dropped us off at Gabe’s grandpa’s, we chatted for a bit, then he gave us his car to drive back to C-bus while Uncle Glenn heals our van.

The kids played outside at Tug and Ang’s all afternoon, the guys worked on the back deck, Ang did laundry, and I took a delightful nap on their scrumptious leather loveseat and only got interrupted 14 times by various children and a little pipsqueak dog who kept wanting to curl up on my head. Pizza for dinner and headed home.

I spent the last two hours straightening up the house and folding laundry. Gabe is taking a 60-minute nap, then heading to the airport to pick up my Uncle Rod at 1:20am. He stayed in AZ as long as he possibly could in hopes of his daughter giving birth to her twin boys before he left. She’s 40 weeks, 6 days pregnant, and if you want to see something hysterical, check out the video of her dancing on my Facebook page.

For the next 90+ minutes, I have big plans to finish this post, unload and load the dishwasher, get some stuff ready for a speaking engagement this weekend, and pay some bills.

I may also purge something. If I don’t fall over first.

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