the purging diaries {day 12 of 31}

When our lives get busy, clutter piles up like nuts around here. September/October is kind of crazy for us. Five weeks of soccer (six games a week), lots of speaking stuff, and getting in the groove of school/homeschooling. I don’t (and sometimes can’t) take the time to keep things neat and make sure we’re not filling our home with junk.

I also need to be more careful at the thrift store. Almost our entire wardrobe (minus most socks/underwear +t-shirts with a cause) comes from there. But it’s super-easy for me to go looking for a pair of pants for Livi and find a cute Nike sweatshirt for Nina for $1.50 and shoes for Ava for $2.00 and another t-shirt for Nina for 50 cents and bring it all home.

Tonight after dinner Gabe went out on a Photo Walk, the girls were playing outside, and I forced myself to clean/purge for an hour. Dishes/sweeping/vacuuming/laundry and getting rid of NINE sweatshirts and FIVE pairs of shoes. All but a couple still fit. We just have waaaaay too many. Cute stuff for $1 is great, but I need to put a cap on it.

I’m hoping to have a little garage sale here on the blog this week or next (although it’s easier for me to just take pics on my phone, put them on Twitter/Facebook and do it that way–add me as a friend on FB or follow me on Twitter if you want in on the action).

For now, I’m getting rid of as many Blushing Bride/Changing Your World books as I can. (My closet is almost cleared of the book boxes for good!) If you want any, I’ll sell them to you for $2.00 each (+shipping). I want them GONE by Cambodia.

And you can have any of the following brand-new books for $5 each (+shipping): A Positive Life, The Me Project, The Husband Project, The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby, How to Get a Job by Me the Boss. (Buy 1 of these, and I’ll toss in Blushing or Diapers for free.)

E-mail me with your book orders.

Questions for you:

1. Do you have too many sweatshirts/coats or s-h-o-e-s?

2. What else do you have too many of?

13 thoughts on “the purging diaries {day 12 of 31}

  1. Jeanine

    I’m definitely getting rid of some shoes – don’t know why I keep thinking I might wear them if I haven’t worn them in a whole year! Also, I’m tired of tripping over them to get to my clothes. I’ve culled out 6 pairs so far, but plan to get rid of more.
    I am making a big effort not to buy more clothes and shoes than my daughter needs and also, to get rid of things she doesn’t really like to wear. This is hard for me, because it’s so fun to buy clothes for her after raising three sons! Still, I’m tired of having too many choices for her to go through, which often means that her clothes are in a constant state of disarray. Also, I want to teach her that less is better (and freeing)!

  2. Tonia

    Part of my problem is buying more stuff (usually for a “good” deal). I have no problem purging and dumping off a few bags at the goodwill. But, it’s just too easy to make a run to target for things I could just pick up while grocery shopping and not come home with the extra Target stuff. I move across the country every two years, so it’s easy to just get rid of a bunch, but then to buy it all back in the next place. My husbands motto is, “Just pitch it”. Of course, I cannot throw perfectly good items in the trash, so I make multiple trips to the Goodwill instead of taking the time to really think about who might need or love this “junk”. Thanks for doing this. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with the desire to simplify, but struggling with consumerism at the same time.

  3. Brooke

    looking over the books – i would love to read “the positive life” but i don’t think i can. i’m in tears just reading the description. as the wife of a hemophilliac I thank God that my husband never received a human blood transfusion! God has worked so many miracles in his life, I’m very thankful for them – even if Jay does just write them off to chance or luck.

    okay now i’ll stop spamming your comments. for today 😉

  4. Rachelle

    1. Nope, I’m really good at keeping clothing cleaned out of our closets. Which is why my new girls don’t have any winter items except 1 new hoodie each that I bought. If I’d only hung onto my older girls stuff these girls would be set…oh well, atleast we don’t have boxes of clutter.

    2. I don’t really have too many of anything. I try really hard to give un-used and un-worn items a new home.

  5. Sharon W

    I have too many shoes. Though, really, probably no where near as many as your average woman has. But, I have shoes I haven’t worn in years. And will probably never wear again. Unless I re-enter the work force and have to really start dressing up again. Which would be years away, and I really don’t need to take up precious closet space *just in case* I need some dressy shoes in a decade. A lot of them probably don’t even fit me anymore. (You know the whole feet stretching in pregnancy thing. No, I’m not pregnant, but I have been, and plan to be again.) And they probably won’t be in style by the time I’d need them again. Okay Marla, I will put going through my shoes TODAY on my top priority list.

    1. Brooke

      if you’re looking for comfort that you don’t have too many. i have 60 pair. not including my running shoes. I’ve tried paring them down and I just can’t bring myself to. I “need” each. and. every. pair.

      1. Sharon W

        Thank you Brooke, that does make me feel a little better. I wound up with 29 pairs of shoes. (Plus one random sandal whose mate I can’t find!!) I’m getting rid of most of them since they don’t fit and/or aren’t appropriate for my current job as a SAHM. If I actually wore them, I wouldn’t feel so bad about having that many, but I seriously wear maybe 7 of those pairs in a year!

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