swirly saturday: purging edition {day 29 of 31}

I used to do this thing called Swirly Saturday. Just a bunch of jumbled-up thoughts from my brain spewed out in a weekend blog post. And tonight is a night of swirl.

~~Gabe and I went to a screening of a human trafficking documentary tonight on the Ohio State campus. Wow. Words are going to have to come later. Still processing. Here’s the trailer.

~~I took a load of junk to the thrift store today. HOW?? Gabe might be on to something with that never-ending-tunnel-of-purging fear of his.

~~The girls and I had so much fun shopping for the kiddos in Cambodia this afternoon. This is the only kind of shopping I love.

~~There are some things we’d like to take over there, and we’d love your help in purchasing them. Details soon.

~~Is That All He Thinks About? went to another printing. Not huge news but it’s big to someone who’s had two books go out of print.

~~My left eye has been red for a couple of days. Would love your prayers that it’s something simple that will go away soon and not some sort of contagious infection.

~~The Cardinals just won the World Series if anyone cares. I don’t particularly.

~~43 days until Cambodia. Oh. My. Word.

~~Just bought 5 plane tickets today from Cambodia to Thailand and back. Unreal.

~~Tonight I’m feeling grateful, overwhelmed, and hungry. How are you feeling?

6 thoughts on “swirly saturday: purging edition {day 29 of 31}

  1. Beth

    I’m really excited that your book went to another printing. I was thinking this weekend about how your books have blessed our lives here in Baltimore, and I am sad that a couple are out of print.


    Dearest Shannon,
    So neat to hear about a “swirly Sat”, never heard of one before! Just had to leave you a note. Georgia is one of my best friends, she is soo happy doing the Lord’s will for her life as you will be once you get to Cambochia. May God bless u and your family in every way.
    At this we have a team of people in the Ukraine!!! They have been trying to get there since 2004 to fulfill prophecy
    given to our local church. They are having a great time. e-mail: Tim Carscadden @ Christian center Shreveport.com
    If you would like, please let me know the dates you will be in Cambochia & I will pray for you, (much more fun than planning an empty Christmas celebration) Your sis in Christ…lu

  3. Elizabeth

    So fun to shop for the kids in Cambodia! I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy that kind of shopping, because no other kind interests me lately at all. Can’t even get excited about Christmas shopping this year. Are you taking play-doh with you?

    A second printing IS huge news! I’m glad many more will be blessed by that book. I know I was.

    I’m feeling….overwhelmed. What else is new? 🙂

  4. Shannon Wheeler

    Wonderful news about your book! So exciting!

    I’m glad you were moved by the movie. One of by good friends since childhood is working for Exodus Cry full time, and I’m always impacted by her reports of the work they’re doing.

    How I’m feeling: Burdened in my heart to pray for a few things that just won’t leave me: A family we fell in love with in Ukraine who are now relocated to a US refugee area where because of their Middle Eastern ethnicity, they are being targeted hard by the Muslim community even though they are Christian (very hard, please pray if you would); an orphan in Uganda who is living with HIV and is such a beautiful 9yo boy and needs a family desperately (like NOW!) so he can be well and have hope and a future [Jer 29:11] – someone who met him has offered to pay for his adoption, so if anyone would be moved to call him “son,” please get in touch, and I’ll connect you… lots of this stuff. Kids who’ve broken my heart a thousand times and whose needs I lift up to the Lord and wish I could feel more powerful to help personally (and then I remember that prayer is power and God has made a bazillion promises to them in His Word, which He is faithful to keep!).

    Praying for Cambodia. I know you’ve been broken for these people for a long time, and I know the Lord will use that powerfully for His glory. Blessings!

  5. Ruth Chowdhury

    I watched the video and just sobbed. Still have tears running down my cheeks. Oh Jesus, save these girls!

    Congratulations on the book printing! Praying for your eye. Looking forward to seeing what else you want to buy for the kids in Cambodia.

    I am feeling… Tired & like my head is spinning from thinking too much. Guess I should go to sleep. 🙂 goodnight!

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