sabbath thoughts on purging {day 23 of 31}

Just got back from an AMAZING weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan with the ladies of Impact Church in Lowell (MI). God is so good I can hardly stand it. These 92 women graciously allowed me to take a detour around the typical women’s retreat talking points and share some hard-to-hear things he had laid on my heart.

We talked and laughed and cried about tough stuff going on around the world, and now we’re prayerfully making plans to do something about it.

Watch out, Lowell! There are some women on fire for Jesus heading your way!!

Tomorrow (as promised) I’ll be sharing the points for today’s (Saturday’s) talk: Practical Ways You Can Start Loving the Poor Right Now. See you then, and enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “sabbath thoughts on purging {day 23 of 31}

  1. Pam

    Thank YOU for taking the detour…it was a welcome change of pace to be forced into (good) discomfort.

    It wasn’t what I was expecting, but was definitely something I needed!

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