purpose-filled purging {day 10 of 31}

Hello, friends! Happy Monday! Have I mentioned the book Organized Simplicity in this purging series yet? Awesome, awesome book. I wrote about it (and my de-cluttering adventures) a few months ago (here and here) if you’re interested. Otherwise, here’s a little snippet of what I think makes this book so sweet:

Why I Love This Book In Two Short Sentences: You make a family purpose statement and then run all your junk/clutter/stuff/schedule, etc. through the filter of your family’s purpose. If it’s not helping you fulfill your purpose, say bye-bye.

It took us awhile, but we finally came up with a Family Purpose Statement of our very own. Short, to the point, and completely embarrassing on video.

Here’s the thing: you can purge until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t have some kind of purpose statement, it’s a lot easier to slip back into your clutter-clogged, excess-hoarding living habits.

Your purpose statement doesn’t have to rhyme. You don’t have to make it into a jingle that you force your family to sing together. And it doesn’t have to be set in stone. But I think it’s really important to work toward a common goal as a family. It makes it so much easier to get people on board with “Let’s-just-have-ENOUGH-shall-we?” if they can see the purpose behind the purge.

Here is Tsh’s (the author of Organized Simplicity) Family Purpose Statement:

As a family, we want to glorify God in all we say, do, and are. We will…
Put each other first.
Cultivate deep relationships with one another.
Extend love to those around us.
Live simply.
Be true to who God made us.
Take care of our health.
Be good stewards of creation.
Be lifelong learners.

So, tell me:

1. If you have a Family Purpose Statement, would you be willing to share? (and a video with costumes and props would be a nice bonus)

2. What do you like about the idea of a Family Purpose Statement (and what might get in the way of you making one)?

3. What are 2-3 things (values, ideas, etc) you might include in your Family Purpose Statement?

8 thoughts on “purpose-filled purging {day 10 of 31}

  1. Brooke

    i haven’t done a purpose statement for our family because i know that jay’s purpose is (and should be) far different from mine. makes me sad kinda. but I trust that God will work things out in his time.

  2. Emily M.

    Marla, this might be a topic for another purging post – but do you have tips for how to get your spouse excited about purging if they aren’t yet? Not that my husband is totally against it, but on the spectrum, I’m significantly further to the left on it at the moment.

  3. Sharon W

    I ran the idea of a family purpose statement by my husband when I first read about it on your blog. But, we have yet to make one. One of my problems is that I am terrible at mission statement type things. I am not a big picture gal. I am not concise. I ramble and ramble and can never get my thoughts into one little nice package. But, I like rules and I love the idea of using our Family Purpose Statement as an excuse to get rid of things we do not need to keep. Is that a poor reason for deciding to develop one? 😉

    1. Marla Taviano

      Not a poor reason at all! And that is precisely the reason ours is so short and vague. Otherwise, I’d have 25-30 sentences and wouldn’t be able to get anyone to care about it.

  4. Jennifer Ekstrand

    I recently picked up Organized Simplicity from the library. My husband and I finished a first draft of our purpose statement this weekend:

    To glorify God and enjoy him forever by

    – maximizing our joy and the joy of those around us in Christ
    – delighting in truth and beauty
    – pursuing peace in our home, the church, and the world
    – serving the church locally and globally

    through faith in the past, present, and future work of Jesus, and in
    hope of his blessed return.

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