purging pause {day 13 of 31}

I’m taking a night off from 1.) purging and 2.) writing a bunch of words about it. Gabe is typically the photographer in the family, but I do like capturing special moments with his camera. Here are some pics I took recently that make me smile.

Nina and my niece Isabelle enjoying a kiddie ride at Kings Island in September.

A bunch of us surprising Grandma at her nursing home last week. I tried to tell her she was 91, and she said, “I think I’m only 90.” I asked Dad to back me up, but I was totally wrong.

Aren’t these clouds just nuts? I got out of the car to take a picture of them. “It looks like the ocean in the sky!” one of my girls said (can’t remember which one).

My dad with my nephew Jack. The look on Jack’s face kills me. I’d give anything to know what he’s thinking.

Okay, I admit, I didn’t take this one. My new friend, Jen, from New Hope, Minnesota did. This is me and my friend Molly and her husband Abraham. One of my most favorite afternoons in a long time.

Happy Thursday, friends!

8 thoughts on “purging pause {day 13 of 31}

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  2. Jennifer

    I was looking for a “like” button (wow; I live on facebook too much) for that last pic. 🙂
    Beautiful pictures & cheers to a beautiful evening free of purging or typing!

  3. Elizabeth

    Nina’s face in that top picture is awesome! Totally like the Nina I met 2 1/2 (!!) years ago. I remember her dancing in my kitchen…silly girl. And you look so happy, and gorgeous, in the picture with the Pipers!

  4. Molly

    ohmygosh…Nina’s FACE in the first one is AMAZING! lol!

    And my parents still have a King’s Island Scooby Doo cup in their cabinet. I didn’t know King’s Island still existed.

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