my purging theme song {day 6 of 31}

The girls and I were on the way to a soccer game the other night, and we flipped on the CD player, pushed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SEVEN!, cranked up the volume, and started bopping around in our seats as has become our ritual lately.

Well, that was a big sentence.

Some back story. I love Compassion International and all they do for kiddos and families around the globe. I also love the Compassion Bloggers trips where a team of bloggers goes to hang out with Compassion kids in a particular corner of the world, and they write about all they experience.

Uganda 2008 is when I first fell in love with sweet Sophie. And I would totally link to Melanie (Dominican Republic), Molly (El Salvador), Amanda (Guatemala) and a ton of others, but I’m short on time tonight. I’m leaving on a jet plane Thursday a.m. for four days, and speaking of those four sweet gals I just mentioned, one of them is not like the others, because I’ve never met her in person and would LOVE to.

And guess what! She just happens to live not-too-far from the airport I’m flying into tomorrow, and I’m crashing her place and hugging her neck! (she knows about this, by the way. i’m not that psycho… much) I can’t wait!

But I digress.

A guy named Shaun Groves leads these trips around the world, and he also spends lots and lots of time advocating for these kiddos and singing and stuff. (But read this post about why he’s not a humanitarian.)

Shaun Groves Third World Symphony iTunes-banner-125x1When Shaun released his newest CD, Third World Symphony (coolest CD title in the history of the universe), I interviewed him here on the blog. His answers were so long-winded I had to write two posts. Part 1. Part 2.

Song #7 on the CD is called Enough, and it’s based on Proverbs 30:8-9 (give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread). And it’s our NEW FAVORITE SONG. You can listen to it here. (1:43 is where we really start bouncing up and down in our van seats.)

I told Livi I wanted to blog about the song since I’ve been writing about purging lately, and she and I had the coolest talk about having “just enough.” Ava and I had a talk about the same thing the other day, and so did Nina and I. Make my mama heart swell. Or as my friend Melanie would say, “Is that Ann Voskamp’s kid in the back seat??”

Anyway. I asked Livi Voskamp what kind of music she would call that song. The only word I could think of was a “jig.” “I don’t know,” she said. “It sounds kind of Mexican.” So I told her I’d ask Shaun himself and called him up (or maybe e-mailed him) straightaway.

“The song is a ‘ruckus,'” he told me. Of course it is. “It’s folk or bluegrass or Americana? I have no idea how to classify it exactly. But if you told a musician it was a ruckus they’d know exactly what you meant.”

All you musicians out there, “Enough” is a RUCKUS. Got it?

I’m no musician, but what’s not to love about a ruckus? I mean, come on.

Today’s Purging Challenge:

Go listen to the song (and buy the CD–after you get rid of 10 others, of course–or better yet, buy it on iTunes–the buying part is totally optional–well, all of it is really–anyway). Then start thinking about what changes you’d need to make in your home and life so that they’re characterized by ENOUGH.

p.s. I’m speaking to a group of awesome women tonight in New Hope, MN and then hanging out with their husbands (and mine) for three days at a men’s retreat in Wisconsin. I’d love your prayers for God to work in hearts and marriages as only he can. Thanks, friends!

p.p.s. Click here to get a free copy of The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky without purging a thing!

5 thoughts on “my purging theme song {day 6 of 31}

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  2. Ruth Chowdhury

    Praying for your conference. I’ve been hearing so much about this album. Maybe I’ll just have to go buy it! 🙂

  3. Jessica C

    Marla – I hope you are enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in Minnesota! I pray the retreat goes well. I also wanted to thank you for effectively messing with me yesterday in your post about purchasing fair trade products. I had been trying to do that but researching and figuring everything out while sticking to a budget had been discouraging. Thank you for tackling that tough subject and calling us to action with the James read along and with the call to purge. I’ve got nearly 4 boxes of items I’ve purged from the kitchen and there is more to come!

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