confessions of a struggling purger {day 7 of 31}

I’m writing this 10 minutes before I need to leave for the airport (Thursday a.m.). Boo on me for procrastinating.

I have a list a mile long of things I could confess, but it will have to wait. So let’s talk about YOU instead.

What is one of your biggest struggles with purging?

16 thoughts on “confessions of a struggling purger {day 7 of 31}

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  2. Danielle

    Since he knows it’s true I feel free to say it, my husband is the biggest hindrance in our house. Based on two different upbringings, I’m the thrower, he’s the keeper. I have had to find the balance between wanting everything just so, and making sure my husband is happy. That means often I purge a whole lot of “my” stuff or paperwork that he doesn’t know how to handle, and I just ask him to organize “his” stuff. It was a very difficult lesson to learn, but after several times of me starting fights because he didn’t want to get rid of stuff he didn’t need, I had to learn when to just shut my mouth and take care of my responsibilities. It is an ongoing thing in our house, not sure it’ll ever change, but I can work on my heart in it.

  3. Tonia

    Just dumping stuff off at goodwill or one of those Parking lot bins instead of putting the effort into thinking who could really use the stuff.

    Buying more.

  4. Kim

    I am a crafter so my biggest collection of all is fabric and some other small things. I have no room for it all, but bet your booty as soon as I get rid of it I’ll need it! I need to go through my stuff though and at least “weed out” some things I’m sure I won’t need.

    Also, when I’m purging I tend to say “oh my sister will want that” or “I can give that to _____ next time I see her” and never do. Then the generosity pile grows and grows and I have more clutter cause I don’t remember to give it when I see them, or I lose it then refind it next time I clean!

    I am getting better about all of this though! It is a work in progress!!

  5. Brooke


    I hate clutter, but he reasons that we might need it. Whether it be legal documentation (contracts that he’s required to keep but couldn’t find if he had to), gas station receipts (I don’t think they are going to let you write off that Long Cut Natural Grizzly you got at the BP sotre), or furniture we “might” need one day.

  6. Sheree

    I have to admit it, confession is good for the soul, right? I have trouble making my kids get rid of their junk and the clutter absolutely drives me insane. In fact, we had (uhhh, “I” had) a rather heated moment this morning as I determined to purge a little on this fine Friday. Only to end up screaming at my son because I allowed him to stock pile all these “treasures” and there is not enough room in our blessed little abode for all of them, and did I say clutter drives me insane? But honestly, I compensate with stuff sometimes when really all they need is me being the best me that I can be. But, more stuff is going, I promise, even if I have to do it when the kids aren’t home!!!!!

    By the way, I did pay them to rid their rooms of some clutter, it worked. There was just too much to begin with, ugh. But not for long, yay!!!!

  7. Terri

    I think the biggest thing for me is how much I paid for something in the first place. I’ll keep something that does not benefit my life simply because it pains me to admit that I wasted good money on it.

  8. Jen Hanson

    I struggle with 1) feeling guilty when I purge items that were gifts or 2) feeling guilty for feeling frustrated when I’ve just purged and then get a bunch of gifts that I don’t need. Terrible I know, because I understand that gift-giving is a way many people show love, it’s just hard for me when I’m trying to simplify and then am given items I really don’t need. It’s caused relational tension a number of times… every birthday and Christmas (for the past couple of years) when I only ask for things I “need” or items that help someone else.

  9. Sharon W

    I agree with all the other comments. 1) Letting go of something that someone gave me can be hard. I’m always afraid my sister-in-law is going to ask to use an appliance she bought us (which we had no use for and sold) when she visits. So far she hasn’t. 2) What if I need it later and have to fork over the money for another one. Or just go without. 3) My husband must have lived through the Depression in a former life. He does not want to get rid of anything. In fact, I was shocked last night when he asked if we really needed to keep a reusable bag that he got from work. It’s actually a high quality one, so I said, yes, I think we should keep that. I refrained from listing out a bunch of things that we did not need to keep 😉

  10. Beth

    Two things bog me down: 1) sentimentality and 2) paper.

    Sure, I don’t need my old cassette tapes, but man, the memories. Driving my first car in high school, the way the tapes would stretch and melt on a hot day…good times. Sometimes just taking a picture and then tossing them is ok. Sometimes just saving one or two really important pieces of a collection, and tossing the rest is ok. Sometimes repurposing them into something useful is a good way to keep the memories but lose the clutter. For example, having your collection of road race t-shirts or your daughter’s most memorable baby clothes made into a quilt. Now you have a great quilt you can keep out and look at and snuggle under, but you don’t have a box of old t-shirts taking up space in the closet.

    I tend to not file important papers and they pile up. My husband tends to print things he’ll need to refer to later. Then we have a stack of reciepts and cards from people and bank statements and printouts, and a lot of it can be tossed, but some has to be shredded and some has to be saved. And we have to go through it piece by stinkin’ piece! I much prefer getting rid of LARGE things so it’s easy to see progress. I bog down when it comes to small things like paper. We have a new rule, touch it once! Deal with the mail immediately, don’t keep shuffling it around from pile to pile. Recycle, shred, or file, but don’t put it in a pile!

  11. Sallie

    Sometimes it’s the fear that I’ll have to end up replacing it later (regretting that I gave it away because, dang it, I DID need it later, after all) and sometimes it’s some stupid emotional attachment, you know, like “that was the thingamajig that so-and-so gave me when whatever happened.” Drives me crazy!

  12. Mary

    What if I need it again in the future? Isn’t it cheaper to save something versus buying a new one?! I will totally need my old cassette tapes again, right? 🙂

  13. Valerie

    In all honesty it’s two things one my motivation to purge comes and goes and two my husband has issues letting go of anything. He’s getting a little better but still is very selective in what he’ll let me get rid of.

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