Well, blow me down. You guys knocked it OUT OF THE PARK yesterday with all your purging. WAY TO GO!!! I’m so stinking proud of you!! I’m going to extend yesterday’s e-book offer through today. (Purge 5 items from your home, and I’ll send you a free copy of this.)

I know from experience that it’s so easy to look around at all your stuff and feel completely paralyzed. Where do I even start? Are my meager efforts even going to make a dent? I’m so overwhelmed! And then you raid your cupboard for candy and curl up on your bed and read a book instead.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started on your purging adventures. Pick one, pick three, just do something! (Disclaimer: I am NOT an organizing expert. These ideas are based more on feelings than any solid research. Feel free to adapt–or ignore–accordingly.)

1. Take all the books off one shelf, any shelf. Put them back one by one but ONLY the ones you LOVED and/or plan to reference or read again in the next two years.

2. Empty your big kitchen utensil drawer (or crock or whatever). How many wooden spoons do you need? How many plastic slotted ones? How many spatulas? Any gadgets that seem awesome but you never, ever use? Try to get rid of one for every two you keep (or something like that).

3. Go through your socks/underwear/bras. Throw out everything that has a hole in it. And everything that fits under the Frumpy category. And everything that’s too big, too small, too scratchy, too wedgie-inducing. (I do have a pair of lounge pants that I wear around the house and they have a big hole in the rear. If your favorite undies have a hole in them and you can’t bear to throw them away, I won’t judge.)

4. Look through your CD and/or DVD collection. Choose 5 that you never watch/listen to. Give them a new home.

5. Do you collect something? (giraffes, globes, vintage aprons, old books) Evaluate your collection objectively (sort of). Do you really LOVE every pig you own, or are there several that don’t do a thing for you, you just keep them around because they’re part of your collection? Lose them.

6. Open your medicine cabinet or a bathroom drawer or peek under the sink. If you’re feeling extra brave, empty the whole thing and toss whatever is outdated or you’ll never use. Otherwise, try to get rid of 5 things.

7. Tell your children you’ll pay them 25 cents (or 50 cents/1 dollar/20 dollars) for each stuffed animal they’re willing to get rid of. (I’ve done this a couple of times. Pure genius. And totally worth whatever I had to pay.)

8. Go through your desk and throw out 25 things. Counting is a really big thing with me. When I’m tired and don’t feel like picking up around the house, I tell myself to just pick up 50 things. I know this is a game you play with children. It works on me too.

9. Skim through the clothes in your closet. What haven’t you worn in the past year? Are you really going to want to wear it anytime soon? Get rid of it.

10. Look around your house at all the knickknacks on various surfaces. REALLY look at them. Is there one (or two or seventeen) that you’ve had forever and dust around it and never think about it because it’s always just been there? Is it meaningless, ugly, outdated, not who you are anymore? Get rid of it (them).

So, tell me:

1. Which one are you going to tackle today?


2. What brilliant purging tip do you have for the rest of us?