wanna share your story? {day 22 of 31}

My friend Sarah and I are both part of a launch team for the book Kingdom Journeys. I’ve never met Sarah in real life, but we’ve had some neat interaction online.

A few weeks ago she told me a cool story about how God inspired her to share something in the comments (on my blog) that she’d never shared publicly before, and it immediately led to her being able to reach out to someone going through similar heartache.

I love that kind of stuff.

Sarah posted something on the Kingdom Journeys Facebook page today that caught my attention:

I continue to be blown away by this book…”By allowing people to see my flaws, I find God uses them to set people free…by sharing our weaknesses and failings, our own dignity may take a hit, but others are encouraged to consider themselves differently.” 

I have decided to use November…the month of thankfulness…to share stories in hopes of encouraging others to see themselves differently, especially as the holiday season approaches–people often feel lonely and sad. 

Would any of you be willing to share your story? How God has worked in your life through a kingdom journey or in another way? 

If so, I plan to do 30 days of story on my blog and would love to share your story. I pray this helps some folks realize they are not alone.

She was worried she had jumped in without thinking it through. How would she find 30 people who wanted to share their story?? But on the other hand, she knew she had followed God’s leading, so it was actually a leap of faith, and it’d be okay.

I felt prompted to help her out a little by extending her offer to all of you. I know know know some of you have some amazing stories (whether you realize it or not). You never, ever know when your story could bless someone in a really crazy, God-awesome way.

So, how about this? How about some of YOU take a leap of faith and offer to share your story on Sarah’s blog? Don’t make me start calling on people…

(Just leave a comment on this post or contact Sarah through her blog. Let’s do this thing and watch God work!)

21 thoughts on “wanna share your story? {day 22 of 31}

  1. Krysten

    When I first saw this, I thought: “sure, I can share my story.” But immediately I felt ridiculous because I’m such a hot mess right now that I don’t feel there would be much inspiration in it. Makes me kinda think I should share all the more…

  2. Valerie

    Working on condensing without cutting out important stuff. Will be trying to make some head way tomorrow…and if you are willing may let you have a peek first. Please keep in mind you made the suggestion. I can supply tissues and lunch of choice if you’d rather read in person after it’s done.

  3. Andrea

    I am so there. God pulled at my heart to finally share my story publicly so I did. If my story helps another see the tremendous grace of God more clearly, I want it known. It is a 10 part series, but she would only need to point readers to day 1.

  4. Ruth

    I’m not exactly what type of story you’re looking for. I know we all have “a story” but not sure if mine would fit. Let me know if you think it would (my last year and half…)

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