two weeks later… {day 11 of 31}

Tuesday, September 25th was a hard, hard day.

Bottom line? After months and months of Gabe’s anxiety and bills piling up and dreams being shattered and back-to-back speaking weekends (super stressful on Gabe since the anxiety started) and miscommunication abounding and anger (lots and lots of anger) setting in and blah, blah, blah, we hit a WALL.

Like, a “how is our marriage going to survive THIS?” wall.

We left our counseling appointment two weeks ago feeling pummeled and defeated and hopeless. I felt so, so bad for our counselor (who is amazing). He had to be thinking, “Wow. There’s not a lot of hope for those two.”

But then, GOD WORKED A MIRACLE. After my pre-interview for Midday Connection (you can listen to the podcast here if you’d like), we drove home, and God gave me a love for my husband out of nowhere.

We went from at-each-other’s-throats and spewing vitriole to talking and hugging and other stuff married people do when they like each other a lot.

A miracle.

And like I told our counselor today, no, things aren’t perfect. No, our bills aren’t all paid. No, Gabe’s anxiety isn’t all gone. No, we aren’t all lovey-dovey all the time (Gabe’s even a little peeved with me at the moment–sigh).

But I feel hope. And I see light. And I know, know, know that God hasn’t given up on us.

And while I desperately want to be in Cambodia right now, God is giving me really cool opportunities to bless my Cambodian peeps from right here. Raising $ for the Boys’ Center, helping five Cambodian friends go on a mission trip to India. Livi and Ava are selling something fun. And not-as-crafty Nina found something she could do to help too.

And yeah, that’s where we’re at. And I can’t complain.

On a lighter note, two real-life girlfriends, who listened to me on the radio today, had this to say: “Even though that’s not what your voice sounds like in real life, I’m enjoying listening to you talk.” And this: “You sound really sexy. Not until now did I realize you have a sexy voice.”

As Gabe (and my children will tell you), I have a normal voice and a “phone” voice. And, apparently, the interview was 100% phone voice. What. Ever.

Hey, it’s not too late to claim your free e-book (EVERYONE’s a winner!). And you have until midnight tonight to enter to win a Starbucks gift card and a book of your choice (you get 5 entries just for listening to the interview).

Have a great Thursday, friends!

23 thoughts on “two weeks later… {day 11 of 31}

  1. ali

    We should talk on the phone more often. I like your phone voice. But not as much as I like your in person voice. So never mind, just come over here more often. My baby needs a Livi to nap on everyday.

  2. Sharon


    We pray for you guys nightly, so glad to know a bit more specifically how to be praying. My husband and I have had some doozies lately and numerous times I’ve thought there was no way to get our marriage back on track. But, every time, we have. Or rather God has. I can’t take the credit. I loved hearing your voice! That is too funny about the comments from your friends. One time, early in our marriage, my husband visited me at work and overheard me on the phone and was shocked at how professional I sounded! lol – guess I don’t talk very professionally when I’m at home…

  3. Eating as a Path to Yoga

    Something similar happened to my family. We were months away from leaving to live in Zaire/Congo. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, the mission board said no.

    If we had went that year….
    *My mom would have had to have had an unexpected kidney transplant in Africa.
    *We would have been evacuated home due to political unrest.

    God’s planning is never our planning, but He knows what he is doing.

  4. Melissa

    These small miracles I think are sometimes more meaningful than the big miracles. This reminds me so much of my Facebook status last night. You will make it through Marla and I’m praying for you guys <3

  5. Chuck

    Thank you for this blog, today. I needed to hear how you love your husband despite what is happening in your lives. I am praying for you and look forward for daily twitter updates, both you and Gabe.

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