this is my heart {day 5 of 31}

I was telling some of my girlfriends tonight that I’m super-bad about watching videos people want me to watch. Even 4-minute music videos. I will read 1,500-word blog posts (and 120,000-word books), but please don’t ask me watch a 90-second video. I just don’t have the attention span.

I know. I’m a weirdo.

But THIS video? Is NINE whole minutes long. And I’ve watched it THREE times already today.

Because it’s my heart. It’s my people. These are my friends. We spent time together once upon a time in a land called Cambodia. We laughed and hugged and played. I ache to see them again.

And I love, love, love, LOVE what they’re doing. What GOD is doing THROUGH them.

They are just so stinking awesome.

And I want to share them with you.

If you have 9 minutes, I would love for you to meet my friends. And some precious, precious boys I’ve hugged and high-fived and held in my lap. And the toys and games in the video? Were donated by many of YOU.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My favorite line of all? Is Alli’s at the end. When people tell them they don’t have enough education, enough money, enough staff, that they’re in over their heads, she encourages her co-workers with this: “Guys, we have the Holy Spirit. And through the power of God, these children WILL be set free.”

I’ve witnessed the Spirit at work in this place, in these people. Praise Jesus! All glory to God!

Tomorrow? I’ll share some easy ways you can bless some of these amazing folks.

4 thoughts on “this is my heart {day 5 of 31}

  1. Erica P.

    I feel God is calling me to help these children…when I look at my own children, especially after this video…I can’t imagine NOT helping them.

  2. Melissa

    Marla, I am just crying. This breaks my heart like so many other things. I wish I knew more about every unique situation in the world – the challenges and struggles are the same and yet different in every culture and every country. Watching this video brought back to me how I felt when I met some of the Korean women who were trafficked by the Japanese military during World War II when the Japanese were controlling Korea. So much sadness. My heart breaks and I can not forget all these women and men and children.

  3. Shannon Wheeler

    Wow…. hard stuff to watch, but what a hope we have in Christ! I’m so thankful for those who are investing in bringing truth and freedom and restoration to the broken, hurting places in Cambodia. Our church is doing a 5K to raise money for anti-human-trafficking ministry later this month, so seeing this today really added to the perspective I’ve begun to have about the need for more action on behalf of those who are victims. Thanks, Marla! I’ll be waiting to see what you share tomorrow about helping!

  4. Holly B.

    My hubby has a good friend in our church here in France who escaped Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime as a young boy with his siblings and Mom. They ended up here in France in refugee camp. God setting captives free…love this! Look forward to seeing how we can help.

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