never too late to say thanks {day 29 of 31}

Last year on this date, we woke up in the morning completely oblivious. Gabe and I had watched a showing of Nefarious the night before. The girls and I had some cookies to make for our church’s Fall Fest. I was two days away from successfully blogging for 31 Days of Purging.

Just a normal Saturday.

That night Gabe had a heart attack. And God saved his life.

(Gabe blogged his one-year-later thoughts here. Good, good stuff.)

I don’t really have words for what it was like to go through that night. I do know that it paled in comparison to some of the dark, dark days and nights we’ve been through since.

And I know that God is good. And we want to celebrate that as a family today (even though the devil is whispering lots of crappy stuff in my ear and bringing back lots and lots of bad memories and anger and bitterness–flee, loser!).

And today I want to thank some people. Because frankly, we would not have survived this year without these people circling around us, holding us up, crying with us, providing for us.

I don’t know how we got so blessed.

And, at the risk of forgetting some folks, I’m just going to go ahead and jump in and start thanking.

Thank you, Rich, for coming to my side, when I yelled your name and said Gabe wasn’t feeling well and needed help. Thank you, Chad, for not hesitating for a second, for calling 911 immediately, even though I thought it was a little “extreme.” Thank you, all the men of Sanctuary Columbus (the women were cleaning up the chili), who gathered around us and prayed while we waited for the squad. Thank you, Jeff, for rubbing my shoulders while I cried.

Thank you, Carinne, for telling me you’d take our girls and they’d be fine. Thank you, Harlan, for driving me to the hospital and staying there with me in the waiting room, and finding a charger for Gabe’s phone so we could call his family and for just being comforting and awesome.

Thank you, EMT guys, for getting Gabe to the hospital so quickly, for doing an EKG in the ambulance, so everyone knew before you got there that he was having a heart attack. Thank you, Dr. Silver, for your talented fingers that worked so quickly to get Gabe’s artery unblocked and the stent put in. Thank you for your calm words and sense of humor after it was over. Thank you, nurses and everybody who took care of him for those two days in the hospital. Thank you for those of you who visited us that night (Donna, Will, Britt, Pam, Rich, Rock, Tug…).

Thank you, Pam and Britt, for taking our girls from Carinne and bringing them to the hospital to see Gabe the next day. (Thank you, Britt, for telling me just yesterday that you still get tears in your eyes when you think about walking into that room with them.) Thank you, everyone who visited us in the hospital and brought meals in the weeks afterward (Holly, Meagan, Linda, Pam, Britt, Kristin, Shalla, Sarah, O-Lo, Mary, oh, I have no idea how many there were!). Thank you, Mom and Dad, for helping us out on my birthday (the day we came home).

Thank you, everyone who prayed that we’d still get to go to Cambodia. Thank you to everyone in Cambodia that we grew to love like crazy–I would love to name you all, but there are close to 100 of you! Thank you, Dr. Modich, for helping Gabe when we had the heart attack scare and for only charging us $36 for the whole visit.

Thank you, Pam, for staying with the girlies during one of our anxiety-related ER visits. Thank you, Rich and Shalla, for doing the same a few months later. Thanks, other people I forget.

Thanks, people who have given Gabe work to do and been patient when he was unable to get it done quickly. Thanks, everyone who invited me to speak at retreats and stuff and for being so understanding and sweet when I cried my way through some of my talks. Thanks for everyone who has been so loving to our girls. Thanks, Eric, for being such an amazing counselor.

Thanks, everyone who prayed for Gabe’s healing. For Janet and Scott specifically, everyone at Healing Prayer, all our Sanctuary peeps, family, friends, and amazing online community. Thank you, CG, for being there for us at every turn.

Thank you, everyone who has given us a gift card or cash or groceries just when we needed it. Thank you for offering shoulders to cry on, advice when we asked, listening ears and ceaseless prayers.

Whew. I’ve been working on this post off and on all day long, and I’m pretty sure I left out a million people. I’m so sorry.

I just want everyone to know that we survived this year for 2 reasons: 1.) God and 2.) people. No way (NO WAY) we could’ve done it on our own.

So, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “never too late to say thanks {day 29 of 31}

  1. Sharon

    Got wayyy confused when I saw I’d already commented just after finishing up reading this post! I agree with what I said, still. “Flee, LOSER” to the devil is exactly what needs to be said!

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