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Back in July, I blogged about a really great book I had just read: Enough by Will Davis, Jr. I just wrote a quick blurb, because I had several other books to tell you about. Here’s what I said:

If you’re someone who is blasted sick and tired of me talking about how we Americans are too rich and have too much stuff, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. This dude is speaking my language, and I highly recommend this book. HIGHLY.

The subtitle is Finding More by Living with Less. And that’s the thing I seem to have a hard time conveying to people who don’t get (or like) my purging/paring down/getting by with not so much. Less really is MORE. Really truly. Having just enough brings JOY, joy you can’t find when you have way more of something than you need. Enough is a real place, and it’s a good place. Not enough = not good. More than enough = not good. Enough = joy.

I e-mailed the author and told him I loved the book and offered him one of mine as a thank-you for writing it. He asked for my titles and said he’d just buy them himself. EVEN BETTER.

Fast forward to October 1.

When this whole 31 Days Of… thing started, I was browsing through some of the participating blogs, and one called “31 Days of Enough” caught my eye. The word “Enough” has just come to mean more and more to me, especially over this past year, so I was intrigued.

And wouldn’t you know it, the blogger‘s husband had just read Enough, and as a result, she was inspired to start giving her stuff away–one thing a day for 31 days. So cool!

And then I realized I had misread what she said about her husband. He didn’t read Enough; he WROTE it. Blogger Susie is married to Author Will. And Susie is an author herself. Whaddya know??


I started skimming through some of Susie’s posts and realized, “I really like this gal. I wanna tell people about her.” Especially since she’s giving away some pretty amazing stuff. Unlike me, who basically just has crap left, she has some AWESOME stuff, and she’s giving it away without a second thought. (Actually, she’s admitted that it’s been a little painful, but also wonderful!!)

I just won a book this week! Woohoo!! And you’re allowed to win once per week. I already warned Susie that if I win something really valuable, I’ll be selling it to raise money for Cambodia.

So, bookmark Susie’s blog, enter to win some cool stuff, and be inspired by her giving spirit! (and get yourself a copy of Enough.)

Happy Sunday, friends!

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