meet becca {day 7 of 31}

I’m tired. But it’s a good tired. We just spent four wonderful hours eating and laughing and pouring our hearts out with our friends Chad and Laurie while our six girlies played beautifully together. It was so, so refreshing.

We (Chad, Laurie, Gabe, and I) closed out the evening around the dining room table with our hands in a pile in the middle while Chad and Laurie prayed for us. For our marriage, our finances, our ministry, our future.

We’re really super-blessed to have such great friends.

Now, I’m in my t-shirt and comfiest pants and ready to read myself to sleep.

But, wait. In a fit of stupidity, I committed to writing a blog post every stinking day of October.


I’ve thought a lot about my friend Becca today. She lives in Atlanta, and we’ve never met, but she’s been such an encouragement to me through her blog and our personal interaction online. She and her husband have this crazy-cool (but so hard) ministry in inner-city Atlanta, and the way she writes about it is just so powerful.

I just love her to bits.

And I think you’ll love her too. She’s blogging all month about margin, and holy cow, if I don’t need some of that. I especially liked her post today when she talks about not having it all figured out yet. I hear ya, girl.

So, I just wanted to introduce you to Becca. Have a great day!

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