if journals came true… {day 24 of 31}

I’ve mentioned before that Hard Year = Less Blogging, More Journaling (much, much, much more journaling). Just look at the writer’s bump on the inside of my left ring finger if you want proof.

I started (another) new journal on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. It has 100 pages (200 front + back). I only have 5 pages left.

Here’s what I wrote on the very first page:

Prophesying over my cute new journal. This journal will record our transition from a life strangled by anxiety to a life of FREEDOM.

We will watch God deliver us from fear and uncertainty and debt.

We will cheer as he does amazing works in our hearts and lives and in our community and around the globe.

We will choose joy even when depression beckons.

We will reach out when we want to retreat.

We will foster gratitude in our hearts for God’s many gifts and brand new mercies.

I love you, Lord. May my life–and writing–bring you glory.

There’s a lot in this journal I’m not proud of (holy cow, yuck), but the last few days (stretching into weeks) have been much more reflective of that original entry.

Can’t wait to see what God does in the last five pages!

3 thoughts on “if journals came true… {day 24 of 31}

  1. sheri ketner

    deep calling to deep… we will all make it…Gabe, Keith, you and me..your in-laws…. your precious. Thanks for showing your heart.

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