if i were president {day 28 of 31}

Remember that time I MET MIKE HOLMGREN? That was awesome.

(I’m still not really over it, Pam and Britt.)

During our chat at Mission Meadows, Coach Holmgren casually mentioned that we’d all have to come up to a Browns game sometime and sit in his President’s Box.


YES, PLEASE. (pretty pretty pretty pretty please?!?!!??)

And today? It happened? Gabe and I and our friends Britt and Bryan met up in Cleveland (while my friend Amanda took marvelous care of our girlies) and spent four glorious hours pretty much awestruck that we had parked close to the stadium (for free) and were sitting in really expensive, really warm, really dry seats (for free) and eating all the food we could possibly want (for free) and laughing and having the time of our lives and actually watching THE BROWNS WIN (this does not happen very often).

We got there too close to game time and didn’t get to hang out with Mike, but we got to chat with sweet Kathy for a bit and spent the afternoon with some other camp folks who flew in from beautiful, balmy Santa Cruz, CA for the game. They LOVED our freezing, rainy weather! (it rained the whole entire game–here comes a hurricane!)

We are so used to sitting in President’s boxes at football games (insert sarcasm) that it took us until the two-minute warning to figure out that we could actually turn the overhead heaters on and not be shivering and rubbing our hands together while we were outside. It was such a cozy two minutes!

Mike is leaving the Browns at the end of this year, so I imagine today was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, which is okay with me. That was enough spoiling to last me a few years at least.

Thanks so much, Mike and Kathy! Thanks, Bryan and Britt! Thanks, Mission Meadows! Thanks, Cleveland! Thanks, Academy!

Up tomorrow? The one-year anniversary of Gabe’s heart attack. Wowza.

4 thoughts on “if i were president {day 28 of 31}

  1. Melissa

    We are Browns fan in our family. Such a great experience you were able to have. Glad you had lots of fun and got to be cozy, warm outside for two minutes. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Bale

    I loved the pictures of the food that Gabe took. I mean the football pictures were nice too, but the FOOD! It looked like a glorious time – so glad you guys had so much fun!

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