i like my life {day 13 of 31}

What a day. We spontaneously invited a 2-year-old friend to have a sleepover with us last night. She is completely adorable and super-spunky and finally fell asleep sometime after midnight. She’s on a Wiggles kick right now and is borderline obsessed with Murray, Greg, Anthony, and Jeff. Takes me back 6-7 years to when my two oldest were smitten with those rainbow-colored dudes.

Today we watched another 2-year-old (along with the first one), so his mama could go to an appointment kid-free. Then we went Crafting-for-Cambodia shopping (more details to come). Then we crafted (I know! I feel like I don’t even know me!). Then Nina’s soccer game. Then pulled pork sandwiches at our friend Pam’s. Then Handel’s for ice cream with Pam (in the cold). Then back home for a sweet game of Ticket to Ride Europe (also with Pam).

Oh, and earlier this afternoon, Gabe spontaneously invited this band to crash in our basement tonight. So the girls and I rushed around straightening up the house, rearranging some mattresses, washing sheets and pillowcases, making beds, and trying to make up for months of neglect in our nasty bathtub.

And now we breathe.

The house is clean and smells yummy. The beds are ready and look so cozy (if a little feminine for these rough and rowdy rockers). And we’re heading to bed while Gabe waits up for his band buddies.

Tomorrow we’re doing a whole lot of relaxing. And maybe gluing some buttons on some magnets.

What are you doing this weekend?

4 thoughts on “i like my life {day 13 of 31}

  1. brooke

    praying for a heart full of contentment this morning. i’m really struggling with it right now.

    sounds like you are being a blessing to others this weekend! <3

  2. Sharon

    Just watched the”Turn it to Gold” video – I think you guys are gonna have a fun weekend! Getting ready to take my daughter to her grandparents house for her second ever sleepover in prep for when I’m in labor. Hoping it goes as well as the last time.

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