fun friday with a friend {day 26 of 31}

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Just six more days of this blogging-without-ceasing gig. Squeezing in today’s post just in time.

My friend Amanda came to spend the day with us. She’s fresh home from spending 4 months in Egypt as a nanny. We took a walk through the woods, played some games, watched a movie, took a nap, and laughed a lot.

Tomorrow she’s going to the apple patch with us in the a.m. before she heads home. Such a fun visit!

We’re “helping” Amanda decide what to do next with her life. She’s going to take a bit of a nanny-ing break (maybe a permanent one). We’re thinking she would be a great fit in Cambodia. We’ll meet up with her there as soon as we can.

A few short years ago (okay, 13), I was Amanda’s third grade teacher. Holy cow. Do you realize what that means? Me neither. I can’t possibly be that old. Oh, well. She likes me even more now (and I feel the same about her), so that’s cool.

I’m so thankful for friendships that evolve and deepen over time. We love you, Amanda! Happy weekend, friends!

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