31 days of connection

Holy cow. Talk about last minute. So I just finished up this really fun project called Super-Duper September where I featured creative friends and family who make cool stuff and sell it. (So much fun!)

But it was a teensy bit exhausting, and I was ready to roll lazily into October agenda-free, blogging about random whatevers.


Catching up on some blog reading, I ran across a friend who is linking up with Nester and Emily and everyone for their 31 Days of Everything Under the Ever-Living Sun.


I did the whole 31 days thing last October–31 Days of Purging. It. Was. Awesome. (and sadly, my home could use 31 MORE days of purging–hold that thought.) I even met some dear online friends for the first time. My only complaint was that I made it all the way to day 29 and then my husband up and had a heart attack.

And our world has been getting rocked ever since.

So. I’m sitting here at my computer, and I just typed up a little, “Hey, I’m back to blogging. What should I blog about this month? And then I remember THE 31 DAYS. And I get all excited but nervous and ask friends on Facebook what I should blog about every day for a month and they say ridiculous things like “running” and “yoga” and “homeschooling.”

I think “napping” was the only suggestion that sounded doable.

I went down to the living room where the girls were listening to their Khmer CD. Ava started playing with my hair. I asked them for their input. Livi said, “More purging!” Ava said, “31 days of packing to move to Cambodia!” (This is how rumors get started. We are not currently moving to Cambodia.)

I tell them that I hesitate to narrow it down to something or other, because I have a lot going on that I want to blog about this month. I want to connect people with other people. I want to tell people about good books I’ve been reading. I want to tell my friends in America about my friends in Cambodia. I want to…

I’VE GOT IT! Oh my word. THAT’S IT!


Connecting friends with other friends, connecting people to good books, connecting folks on one continent with folks on another, connecting anything and everything I can think of.


And bless my husband who did exactly what he did last year on the night before October 1. Made me a cute little graphic thingy to put on my blog all month long. Bless his heart (for real, bless his heart, God).

And there you have it.

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Day 1: it pays to know people
Day 2: books are my friends
Day 3: prayer chain
Day 4: banners by bethany
Day 5: this is my heart
Day 6: bringing hope to hard places
Day 7: meet becca
Day 8: kingdom journeys
Day 9: excited for tomorrow!!
Day 10: hooray for midday connection!

16 thoughts on “31 days of connection

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  5. Hannah @ Simply Add Coffee

    Hi there! I love your topic – I’m writing on something similar on my blog “31 Days of Building Community”. I look forward to seeing what you have to say this month! Due to the fact that I’m due to give birth to our first child sometime this month, most of my posts are already written, so I’m hoping to have time to read others blogs and connect with them!

  6. Nancy

    I knew you’d come up with something justinthenickoftime! Sounds interesting! And cool button, too, Mr. Taviano! 🙂

  7. Krysten

    Love, love, love! This is perfect for you!!! I’d love to do 31 Days again (actually I think mine ended up being 20-something-ish days last year!) but there’s just too much going on in my little space at the moment. So I’ll just have to live with stealing some moments to read some of the amazing writing from all y’all amazing ladies! : )

      1. Krysten

        You think it might be okay to do “31 Days of Maybe Posting 6 Times Total!?!” Yeah, probably not gonna fit the bill…

        I wish I wish I wish I could shut the words off in my brain sometimes when I don’t have a viable outlet for all of them!

  8. Sarah

    Love, love, love, love, LOVE. Really…… Can’t wait to see what happens with this! I’m thinking the possibilities are endless!

      1. Andrea

        Ha! I knew it! I’m a shy/reserved/like my me time ENFJ so similar to a borderline I and E but more scheduled and rigid than you. Funny. Enjoy your connecting!

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